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The 1903 Ford Model A is quite historic in the fact that this model was the first Henry Ford produced.
Between the years 1903 and 1905 the Ford Motor Company built about 1,750 Model A’s in a converted carriage factory in Detroit Michigan and was on firm footing for continued success.
Although the Model A had somewhat of a horse buggy look to it, these horseless carriages could reach a speed of 30 MPH. Something very typical of very these early automobiles is that the driver and passenger sit very high because the engine is mounted under the seat. From 1903 on, automobile technology was changing fast and by 1905 and 1906 the first Ford Model A’s were mechanically out of date.
This truck passed a TX Commercial Vehicle Inspection and US-DOT inspection with flying colors.  With only 189k miles on its Detriot Diesel engine, it should have tons of life left!

The 1903 Ford Model A aside from being the first Ford car produced was also profitable for the company.
Engineering problems were fairly commonplace with any automobile built in this very early era.
On July 15 of 1903 as luck would have it Henry Ford received cash for the full price of one vehicle and down payments for two others. It’s often been said that Henry Ford and James Couzens had bet the entire company on having product ready and fortunately customers signed up at exactly the moment the cash ran out. The Model A as popular as it was lasted only two years when Henry Ford replaced it with the Model C. This awesome car can be seen at Stressless Auto's INDOOR SHOWROOM, near the corner of Metric Blvd and Rutland Dr.

Ford Motor Company of course reintroduced the Model A in 1928 as a replacement for the highly successful Model T.
We are a licensed dealer, but most of our business comes from consulting and consignment sales. According to Ford Motor,  a red 1903 Model A Rear Entry Tonneau is believed to be car number 3, chassis number.
30, and the lone survivor of the group of Model A cars sold that particular July day in 1903.

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