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Connect the Digital Volt Ohmmeter (DVOM) positive lead to the starter motor sousing (the connection should be clean and free of rust or grease and the negative lead to the negative battery terminal.
Either use the remote starter or have your assistant crank the engine and note the voltage reading.
If the reading is more than 0.2 volts, clean the negative cable connections at the battery and body connections and retest. Connect the positive lead of the DVOM to the end of the cable nearest battery positive and the negative lead of the DVOM to the other end of the cable. Check the starter motor electrical wires for insulation damage, the connections are properly engaged and have no dirt or corrosion. If the voltage reading is higher than 0.5 volts there may be a problem with the solenoid or the wires.
If SW1 is fitted to a door - every time the door opens - the Buzzer will give a short beep.

But - by increasing these values - you can achieve an output time of up to half-an-hour or more.
I've drawn SW1 as a magnetic-reed switch - but you can use any type of switch that suits your application. Generally speaking - the length of the output time is proportional to the values of R2 and C2.
For example, if you replace R2 with a 4M7 resistor you will increase the output time by a factor of about 5.
The Support Material for this circuit includes a parts list - a detailed circuit description - a step-by-step guide to construction and details of How To Test Your Finished Alarm. If you're new to using Cmos ICs - and you'd like to know more about how they work - take a look at my introduction to The Cmos 4001. A starter bench test is the most definitive way to determine the condition of your starter.
In an unattended shop - or reception area - the sound of the beep will alert you to the fact that you have a customer.
So if you replace the Buzzer with a relay - and use the relay to switch a Siren - you have a Simple Intruder Alarm that you can fit almost anywhere. In other words, if you double the value of either R2 or C2 - you will double the output time. If you replace C2 with a 470uF capacitor you will increase the output time by a factor of about 100.

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We took this picture from the web that we feel would be probably the most representative images for sugar skull tattoos for girls. But the circuit itself will work from 5 to 15-volts - just choose a buzzer that's suitable for the voltage you're using. If you use both a 4M7 resistor and a 470uF capacitor together, you will increase the time by a factor of about 5 X 100 = 500.
This chip will turn each seven segment display on through the driver transistor Q1 – Q3.
Its value is then read by IC2 and a decimal value of that voltage is provided to IC1 which multiplexes the three display units.

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