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Fees For License, Tax for Goods Carriages, Tax for Contract Carriages, Tax for Stage Carriages.. By April, new vehicles hitting the city roads will come with high security registration plates (HSRP). Once the approval was received from New Delhi, officials here worked out the district-wise numeric series.Orders issuedFinally, late on Tuesday evening, Government of Telangana issued orders signed by Principal Secretary holding additional charge of Transport, Ajay Misra, announcing the new series and registering authority codes.
Interestingly, the secondary alphabet series of EA was chosen to give allowance for all the earlier letters starting from A onwards found in vehicles bought and registered before June 2.

After the Supreme Court criticised the State governments in September last year for the repeated delays in implementation, most of the States floated tenders for the project. There are no directions from the government yet on whether the existing vehicles would continue with AP or simply change it to TS.Joint Transport Commissioner J.
The Supreme Court on Friday set a deadline of March 31.In Tamil Nadu, five entities have prequalified, based on a set of technical criteria, and the financial bids were opened last week. Pandurang Naik said that since June 2, owners of 1,786 vehicles had applied for registration and awaiting numbers and Registration Certificates.

However, apart from processing these registrations, the department has its work cut out, going through the process for 39,063 vehicles of all categories that were bought after June 2 but whose owners have not applied for registration and still running them on temporary registration.Fancy numbersIn a press release on Wednesday evening, Transport Commissioner Jagadeeshwar announced that the new series was introduced with EA for non-Transport and UA for Transport vehicles with effect from June 18.
He said fancy numbers were available up to 1000 initially, in each series in every district and said those interested to bid for fancy numbers could approach the concerned authorities.

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