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I was pretty skeptical when I first called Vern Fonk, but it turns out they have good products. Our insurance office in Vancouver, WA offers insurance policies of almost every type including  - Auto, SR22, Homeowner’s, Business, Contractors, Renters, Motorcycle, and more! When you think about SR22 insurance you probably think about your car or truck, but what about people who own motorcycles? Call Vern Fonk insurance today if you are required to get SR22 coverage and you drive a motorcycle.
SR-22 is a certificate that you are required to get (you’ll get a notice) proves that you have at least the state minimum requirements on your car insurance policy.
If you have any questions about SR22 insurance certificates in Washington or Oregon, give your local Vern Fonk Insurance location a call or stop on by!
Vern Fonk works with at least 9 car insurance companies that don’t discriminate drivers based on credit score. After you have determined that everyone is safe and unharmed, inform your insurance company about the accident right away. Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page for more answers to common insurance questions!
Vern Fonk specializes in helping high risk clients find the best policy for their lifestyle and budget. Our expert car insurance agents in Washington and Oregon know all of the insurance laws and all of the different policies available to our customers like the back of their hands. Collision Coverage: This coverage types covers the costs of repair to your vehicle if it collides with another object or if it flips over.
If you have any other questions about what the terms in your auto insurance policy mean, or if you’re looking for the best car insurance rates around, give us a call today!
An SR22 is not actually a type of insurance coverage, even though it is commonly called SR-22 Insurance. When most people think about SR22 they think car or truck, but what about the people that own motorcycles?
So if you are a motorcycle rider and you’re required to get sr22 insurance, talk to you insurance agent to see if they can help you. When most people think about SR22 insurance they typically are looking to insure their car or truck, but what if you own a motorcycle? More and more people these days are switching to motorcycles or scooters as their primary mode of transportation. SR-22 policies for motorcycles are typically cheaper than other vehicles, depending on what type of motorcycle you own. LIBTECS es el perfecto aliado para cualquier Biblioteca, Archivo o Centro de Documentacion, cuenta con todo lo necesario para conservar el acervo en las mejores condiciones ambientales y brindar al usuario la mejor opcion en la consulta de fuentes de informacion.
Where the Bora failed to capture the imagination of the market the re-born Jetta is doing good business for VW and seems to be going from strength to strength.
From the boot forward the Bora shared much with the Golf, the front-end sheetmetal was essentially the same, the cabin was much the same, the main differences were in the power and drive train which VW claimed at the time made the Bora “Australia’s fastest VW”.
The 2.0-litre and V5 models had the same MacPherson Strut and coil spring front suspension with triangulated lower control arms, along with the same rear Torsion beam axle. Brakes were discs all round, with ABS anti-skid protection across the range, and ESP an added feature on the 4Motion. The Bora is something of an unknown quantity in the market and now that VW has dropped the badge from its range it’s also a bit of an orphan.
Look for electrical woes, particularly with the window lifts, but they can also have trouble with engine electrics with airflow meters and oxygen sensors. The 2.0-litre engine has a cam timing belt, which needs replacing around 100,000 km, the V5 and V6 have chains that don’t require replacement.

Dual airbags provide good protection in a crunch, the VW chassis is stable and responsive, and there’s ABS to help avoid trouble. Rob Mirfin has thoroughly enjoyed his 2001 VW Bora V6 4Motion and says the 4Motion system is a wonderful safety feature in adverse conditions. Rodney Barlow-Pye bought a Volkswagen Bora 2.0 in 2001, and having owned Fords and Holdens says it is the best car he’s ever owned. John Gregory had a less than happy experience with his 2002 Bora, which he says was so expensive to repair that he had to cut his losses and sell it. Marina Avgeris has been told that the automatic transmission in her 2002 Bora 2.0-litre needs rebuilding at a cost of more than $5000 despite having done just 63,000 km.
Well styled compact sedan with sporty credentials, but dodgy electrics can be frustrating and expensive to repair. Vern Fonk has been helping residents in Vancouver find great rates on all types of insurance products for years. Lots of Americans have been opting to drive motorcycles with the cost of automobiles and gas being so high.
Typically it is for infractions dealing with driving under the influence, driving without insurance, or multiple tickets or accidents in a period of time. We do our very best to help educate our customers so they know exactly what their policy covers and they know what they’re paying for.
If you’ve got less than perfect credit, give us a call for a good auto insurance rate! Get a copy of any police report involved, and get the other driver(s) insurance information. This is the most common type of insurance coverage and there are typically state required minimums for protection for all cars. It is actually a certificate of insurance that gets filed with the state that certifies that you actually have the legally required amounts of insurance coverage in your state. It depends though on which state it was issued in, and how bad the offense requiring you to have sr-22 was.
With the high cost of gas, many drivers are switching over to motorcycle or scooters to save money any way they can. Many companies (including Vern Fonk insurance) will help you get sr22 coverage on a motorcycle. The rules for motorcycle SR22 are very similar to regular car or truck sr22 certificates and if you have any questions about them, a qualified insurance agent can always help you work out the details. They don’t use much gas to get around, and they are usually fairly cheap to purchase. Perhaps the problem was that VW was trying to make the Bora something it could never be when it was simply a Golf with a boot. It was conceived to suit older buyers who liked the security a boot provided and were put off by the lack of security in a Golf hatch. The 2.8-litre double overhead camshaft V6 produced a healthy 150 kW at 6200 revs and 270 Nm at 3200 revs.
The V6 4Motion boasted independent suspension at both ends, with coil springs and anti-roll bars. All Boras were packed with standard features, which included power steering, cruise control, power windows and mirrors, air-conditioning, alloy wheels, immobiliser and good quality sound systems. That can make them hard to move as some owners have experienced, but for a buyer that can make them a bit of a bargain if you find a vendor willing to deal. Some report no problems, but others have had plenty of trouble, enough even for them to ditch their cars rather than keep paying the bills.
The latter can send the fuel consumption rocketing if they fail, and may not send any signals to the driver that there’s a problem while driving.

Check the auto if fitted, particularly check it for smooth shifting and no problems in engaging gears. It’s done 117,000 km, and while he’s had problems with the ignition coils and oxygen sensors (it’s on its third set), he says it’s a fabulous car.
He was told it needed the best quality PULP from BP only, and although the car drove very well on the high quality fuel he was concerned the pinging problem would return, so sold it. It has done 300,000 km without any major problem, and it still looks new and feels very solid.
If people can get non-owner sr22 policies then it’s gotta be possible to get one for a motorcycle! The company you choose will notify the DMV that you have the proper amount of car insurance.
Whatever the reason may be, we can help you find an affordable option that gets you back on the road in no time. Ask your insurance company for help and they’ll show you how to file it and take care of a lot of the work for you.
Just as you can get a non-owner sr22 insurance policy, you can also get SR-22 for your motorcycle! If you need SR22 coverage and you own a motorcycle or are looking to buy one, give Vern Fonk a call today for easy and fast SR-22 coverage.
Well don’t be it’s simply that the Bora name didn’t catch on and VW returned to the Jetta name it used on its booted-Golf from way back in the 1970s. The Bora was made out to be a more sporting model whereas the Jetta is made from more humble stock. The Bora was the Jetta with different badges, but there was a change of character that came with more sporting name. Following an update in 2001 the output of the V5 was boosted to 125 kW at 6000 revs and 220 Nm at 3200 revs.
The 4Motion was only available with a six-speed manual gearbox with the final drive through all four wheels. To go all the way to a V6 4Motion pay $17,000 for a 2001 model, but you’ll pay up to $32,000 for a late model.
One owner has reported a gearbox meltdown after 60,000 km or so, which should serve as a warning of potential trouble. Both right and left window regulators had to be replaced, the water pump failed, the engine electronics were unreliable, and the cooling fan burned out. SR22 insurance for  motorcycle in Washington or Oregon is typically cheaper than it would be on a regular car or truck, but if you have a really fast bike or custom model it may be a little more money to get covered. Call or stop on by one of our Vern Fonk Auto Insurance Agencies across Washington or Oregon today! Quite what VW thought it would achieve by switching names isn’t clear, but whatever it was it was a marketing move that failed. The Bora was more of a sports sedan than its more humble predecessor, even though it was still spun off the Golf hatchback.
A rigid body shell formed a stable platform that was the perfect foundation for a sporty sedan. While the Golf was intended to compete with less pretentious rivals VW pitched the Bora at more lofty targets, like the 3-Series BMW, Volvo S40 and Lexus IS200.

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