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The VIN number given by my SA in Ford does not match according to the decoding which is given by you above.
I asked him for the VIN number of the Figo which i am about to pick up and your decoding doesnt seem to apply here. Originally Posted by mail.jaiswal Can you help me decode this VIN - bk14325 ins 4236 He has given the 11th to 17th characters of VIN. I could not confirm this, but noticed this on newer vehicles during my visit to the dealership through from Dec, to Feb and found these matching with my assumption. A humble request on my part for all February or post February Chevy (any model) owners; I would be really thankful if you may PM me your car VIN. The reason being: I am planning to buy an Optra Diesel and the Feb make VIN that has been shared with me is a bit strange. You are correct as far as the 9th and 10th digits are concerned but have a look at my post from yesterday, there seems to be a change in the 6th and 7th characters for cars manufactured in Feb and might be there for cars manufactured after Feb.

So just wanted to confirm from all the new Chevy owners(those who have bought in Feb or later) if the 6,7 characters are actually alphabets instead of numbers. Re: Decoding Vehicle Information Number (VIN) But guys i still insist on not revealing the last few no of VIN. 12 янв 2015 Mercedes VIN Decoder, VIN Check, History Report, Lemon Check, Other Resources To Help You Stay Ahe Of. 6 янв 2015 Располагается VIN-код в левой верхней части инструментальной панели видимой через ветровое стекло. Copyright © 2012 Autos Post, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. Many of the VINs encode info like day of manufacture, but for Scorpio, there is a sticker on the windshield which reads like, for example: A 24 02 (white color sticker). For further reference, is it possible for you to share how you obtained the additional information.

This would be helpful for other guys i come across who would want to obtain this information.
I have given the link in which everyone can check the production date of VW, Audi, Skoda, Ford and may others. This is a discussion on Decoding Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) within The Automotive Library.

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