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The seemingly random grouping of numbers stamped on the back of your iPhone called a serial number actually means something according to OSX Daily. OSX Daily has published a guide that breaks down what the dutch all those numbers actually mean. Older models like the 3GS have a slightly different reference model changing the letters associated with hard drive size etc. While this won?t help you do anything new with your iPhone, it?s interesting to know exactly what goes into the construction of a serial number. This article may not have much use for me but at least it gives me something to do for 5 minutes.
Funny how there is a serial number for each phone but when your phone is stolen apple can't do anything a out it.

I mean sure, it's not news worthy but it's good to know and it should be in another section of MMi. It turns out there is a special code Nikon uses to mark equipment they have factory refurbished. Nikon refurbished products (lenses, cameras, flashes) have the serial number punched with two circular indentations (pin pricks) on either side of the serial number. As a side note,  factory refurbished is often just as good as new, in both appearance and performance. Affectionately coined MMi, we're a community over 900,000 strong who love modifying our iPhones.
From the serial number owners can tell what week their device was manufactured, the hard drive size, the production year and even the factory and machine ID.
You can erase and restore using someone else's apple ID but serial number is still the same.

They obviously don't have the same lenght, format and algorithm across manufacturers but the concept remains the same. Method 2 :Open Phone app Tap ContactsOn Contacts pull down the screen from the top – the phone number will appear.

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