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The seemingly random grouping of numbers stamped on the back of your iPhone called a serial number actually means something according to OSX Daily. OSX Daily has published a guide that breaks down what the dutch all those numbers actually mean.
Older models like the 3GS have a slightly different reference model changing the letters associated with hard drive size etc. While this won?t help you do anything new with your iPhone, it?s interesting to know exactly what goes into the construction of a serial number.
This article may not have much use for me but at least it gives me something to do for 5 minutes.
Funny how there is a serial number for each phone but when your phone is stolen apple can't do anything a out it.
I mean sure, it's not news worthy but it's good to know and it should be in another section of MMi. There are quite a lot of numbers and identifiers available for each device in the world, which differentiates between the same device product by different users. The serial number of all the Apple handheld devices is provided on two places – The back panel in the bottom section where a lot of text is engraved, including the Serial Number, and the Settings section where the About section for the device would show the serial number. If the device is turned on, you can easily find the serial number by going to the Settings > About where the serial number is located. To find the IMEI number or the ICCID of the iPhone that you are using, you need to go to the About section under General Settings and there near the bottom there are the Serial Number, Wi-Fi Address, IMEI Number and the ICCID of the iPhone. MEID Number for the Apple iPhone: It is the first 14 digits of the IMEI number that is engraved on the back, or is available in the settings.

In these phone versions, the SIM card tray would have the IMEI number when the SIM tray is pulled out, the tiny engraving would be seen.
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World famous car tuner Mansory and Swiss jeweler Golden Dreams unveiled a rather unique piece of accessory at the BaselWorld show in Switzerland. Alexandre Masson the director of Golden Dreams: “At Golden Dreams we always admired the vision of Mansory and the quality of their creations is world class. Iphone 5S plata, operador Yoigo, nuevo sin estrenar con todos sus accesorios menos los auriculares. Algunas veces, se nos hace necesario saber cual es el numero de serie de nuestro equipo informatico, bien porque queremos contactar con el soporte tecnico, o bien porque queremos denunciar que nos han sustraido el equipo, y sera lo primero que nos pregunten, ya que es el numero que identifica inequivocamente tu equipo, al igual que un numero IMEI un terminal movil. Vamos a Inicio > Ejecutar y escribimos cmd para ejecutar la consola de comandos de Windows. Escribimos tambien sin comillas: “wmic csproduct get name” para obtener el nombre de modelo exacto.
Para ejecutarlo, basta con guardar el codigo en un documento de texto plano, creado con el bloc de notas, y guardarlo con la extension .vbs para poder ejecutarlo con tan solo un clic. Affectionately coined MMi, we're a community over 900,000 strong who love modifying our iPhones. From the serial number owners can tell what week their device was manufactured, the hard drive size, the production year and even the factory and machine ID. You can erase and restore using someone else's apple ID but serial number is still the same.

When we talk of the phones, smartphones it is the IMEI number that holds the importance, but when it is about the tablet devices and non-phone gadgets, the serial number is an important one. The IMEI is a 15-digit number while the MEID is the first 14 digits in it, removing the last digit from the IMEI. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. En caso de que el producto recibido tenga un nA?mero de serie distinto al del producto anunciado puede proceder a su devoluciA?n.
En equipos antiguos o deteriorados externamente, esa pegativa o identificador ha desaparecido la mayoria de las veces, ?Y ahora como averiguo mi numero de serie?. Method 2 :Open Phone app Tap ContactsOn Contacts pull down the screen from the top – the phone number will appear. They obviously don't have the same lenght, format and algorithm across manufacturers but the concept remains the same.
This comes to good use when your device is turned off or isn’t working and the Apple Care asks for the serial number of the product for verification.
Tapping and holding the number for a couple seconds would open an option to copy the number. This would make it better for an accurate entering of the data when you are filling some forms on the registration sites etc.

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