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Have you ever noticed the string of numbers and letters printed on the side of your Honda CBR, Valkyrie, or Shadow and wondered what they meant? Step 1Locate the 17-digit Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) printed on the frame of your motorcycle.
Likened to the DNA of the motorcycle, these Vehicle Identification Numbers (or VIN) have appeared on every vehicle manufactured since 1981. This is often stamped onto the right side of the steering head, where the front fork is mounted on the frame.

These letters and digits are used by each individual manufacturer to identify the model or engine type of the motorcycle. This is a check digit that ensures that no two machines built in the last 30 years will have identical VIN numbers. The VIN system was implemented create a standardized method of identifying a vehicle, a necessity for law enforcement departments.
The VIN is also imprinted on a metal tag located on the left side of the frame above the motor.

For example: SC57 refers to a CBR1000RR sport bike, while RC040 refers to a CB750F motorcycle.

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