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Completely loaded 550 hp Super Charged G23 with Gel Coat Upgrades in and out (no white) Stunning color scheme. The aquarium is actually quite good and I am happy to wander along the exhibits, or let the conveyor belt take me along, tapping the glass as I go (kidding..
The hill is a semi decent incline but I am glad I made the effort as the view is nice and it is peaceful… well, as peaceful as the amusement park actually, maybe just in more a respectful peaceful way…hmmm.

I had imagined spending longer on Vinpearl Island but, with not a whole lot going on, and with the occasional tumbleweed rolling by, I decide to cut my losses and head back to Nha Trang.  As obvious as it might sound, an amusement park is probably not the most “fun” place for a solo traveller but I did enjoy the island for its cable car, underwater world and pagoda and am happy to leave the water park and “rides” of Vinpearl Island, Nha Trang to the non solo travelling families to enjoy.
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