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The car’s vehicle identification number (VIN) is the identifying code for a SPECIFIC automobile.
The VIN can be found by looking at the dashboard on the driver’s side of the vehicle. The Free Estimate Game:Would you rather collect 80% of an accurate appraisal or 20% of an inflated one? Many clients believe that if another appraiser gives them a higher initial estimate, the settlement amount will be equally high.
Insurance companies know who the legitimate appraisers are, so don't get caught up in the estimate game.
We are car appraisers and NOT a law firm or a substitute for an attorney, a law firm or a CPA. We cannot provide any kind of advice, explanation, opinion, or recommendation about possible legal rights, taxes, remedies, defenses, options, selection of forms or strategies.
National highway traffic safety administration nhtsa to provide free vin searches to help consumers check cars, light trucks and motorcycles for uncompleted recalls. Recalls are issued by vin and may not apply to every vehicle manufactured within a model year.
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Thanks to The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), vehicle owners can get that answer with the click of a mouse. Safety technology has evolved since the standard seat belt was included in most automobiles around the 1960s. The service seems to have been down all of today, and also part of yesterday, and at that time all we had was a blank screen and that was it. Seeing the NHTSA recalls search system go down has caused a headache for drivers looking to see if they are affected by the latest Airbag recall for October, as this now means they will have to go to the manufacturers website to find out instead, which there are ten of them. We are not sure how long the NHTSA recall search by the VIN look-up tool will be down for, but we do hope it isn’t long, as it is much easier to just got to the one website, rather than search for all the others.
Here is the link to the recall checker just in case it does decide to come back up soon, making life easier for you. Vehicle History Report using VIN Numbers and VIN Decoders to check auto history for recalls, collision damage, odometer rollbacks, and crash test results before you purchase. To improve performance of SITEINFO service and to prevent its excessive high-volume use by a single source, we implemented a randomly generated Access Code that must be entered before running a SITEINFO request. Please enter the Access Code from the image field into the text field and then click the Continue button to proceed with your request.
Whois a€“ after entering the correct Access Code you can run 10 WHOIS requests before you will be prompted to enter a new Access Code. Site Info a€“ you can run 25 Site Info requests before you will be prompted to enter an Access Code. Trace Route - you can run 20 Trace Route requests before you will be prompted to enter an Access Code.

RBL Check - you can run 20 RBL Check requests before you will be prompted to enter an Access Code. The VIN serves as the car’s fingerprint, as no two vehicles in operation have the same VIN. The easiest way to view it is to stand outside the vehicle on the driver’s side and look at the corner of the dashboard where it meets the windshield. Previously, vehicle owners would have to wait for a letter in the mail or call the dealer service department to determine if their vehicle had an open safety recall.
However, there has since been an update, stating that NHTSA is experiencing intermittent network issues, and so has been affecting some services, such as the website.
You can still do those things but, but NHTSA has unveiled a new, free, online search tool consumers can use to find out if a vehicle is directly impacted by a recall. This led the Government run safety service to launch a new tool in order for people to check to see if their car was affected by the recall, but the NHTSA vehicle recall search is not working. The distorted symbols cannot be read by computer programs which are used for mass-collect email addresses and any customer information.

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