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The tires are made of torus inside a difference with cylinders and 600 boxes for the sculptures.
The Ronal R41 Trend wheel is a high quality, ever popular 5 spoke design wheel, its high grade satin black paint finish really sets this wheel apart from its competitors.
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After three ou four days of watching photos on the web and hesitations I started writing code.
The first try of modeling this sculptures, it highly slowed down the render but ones I changed the camera for a global view of the scene, I realize that the render was reasonable.
The metal lozenge pattern is a tile of scaled sphered rendered separatelly used as bump_map.

This wheel is also produced with a high load version suitable for vans such as VW Transporter T4 and T5.
After a TV show about Australia which showed a road train I had the idea to start my search with this keywords. I maped this two views on thin boxes and I used orthographic cameras to align objects on them.
When I said to a friend on IRC I started a new scene, he asked me if it was for the competition. I used the same sphere_sweep, I scaled it with a very I value for the axe of extrusion and kept the part I needed with an intersection. There is also 10000 grass patches from Gille Tran's makegrass macro between the car-park and the forest.

There is some complex transformations such as matrix with a rotate and another translate especialy for the bonnet and the windscreen.
The criteria was obvously the look of the model and the easyness of modelising it only with CSG because I don't know and I don't like using modeling software.
The 10 october the truck tractor was finished then I seriously began to think of submitting it to the competion.
I needed an environment but I had no idea and I had not a lot of time to do something very complicated.

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