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The constitution says that you have a right to be free from unreasonable searches of your home, your person, and your car. You hear a siren, you pull over, and the next thing you know, a police officer yanks you out of your seat and frisks you while her partner searches through your car. Your right to be free from unreasonable searches is enshrined in the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution.
The drafters of the Constitution were concerned with unreasonable bodily and home searches. This concern is addressed in the Fourth Amendment, which aims to prevent police officers from rifling at will through a person’s private effects.
In 2009, the Supreme Court handed down a decision that clarified somewhat how far a police officer can go in searching a vehicle after pulling it over. In the 2009 case, officers pulled Rodney Gant over and arrested him for driving on a suspended license.
The Court also noted that circumstances of a stop may determine how far police officers can go in searches. In an earlier case, the Court allowed a more invasive search because the sole officer on the scene was outnumbered by the arrestees and the arrest was for drug offenses. As with any encounter with the police, the person with the badge largely controls how things turn out for the person stopped. Even if the police stop a person for a broken taillight, if the cop can see a bag of cocaine on the passenger seat, that driver is not going to drive off with a “fix-it” ticket. An officer can conduct a search based on anything in her “plain view” and plain view includes plain smell. When a police officer knows that she does not have a legal basis to search your car, she may ask if you will consent to it. New cars, car reviews, car shows, car photos - car, Get the inside scoop on new cars: car reviews, car photos, test drive results, technical specs and more. New car buying guide - car buying advice tips, The most comprehensive guide to saving money when buying a new car.
New car prices and used car book values - nadaguides, Latest new car prices, deals, used car values, dealer quotes & cpo values. Used car buying guide - autotrader, Buying a used car get informed and become a smart shopper with the latest used car reviews, news, and videos.. Buying a new car when buying a new car, research the specifications and consumer ratings for different makes and models. Copyright © 2012 Autos Post, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. Although it's one of the simplest accessories ever released, FMC Smart's Find My Car Smarter ($25-$30) hasn't been easy to review. It’s obvious that FMC Smart considered these issues before releasing Find My Car Smarter, and designed the accessory with more than just basic features. The app includes other features, too, assuming you want to manually load it before leaving your car.

Understanding how Find My Car Smarter actually works for its primary vehicle re-location service is critically important.
Over two weeks of testing, Find My Car Smarter performed respectably, showing us generally where a car was located, and doing best when both we and our vehicle were outdoors rather than inside.
Editors' Note: iLounge only reviews products in "final" form, but many companies now change their offerings - sometimes several times - after our reviews have been published. Thank you for taking the time to report any bugs or to request an enhancement to Find My Car! New cars, car reviews, car prices auto shows - msn, Msn autos features new cars, car reviews, used cars, concept cars, auto shows, and car buying guides. Reviews - save thousands car!, All suvs are not created equal on the crashworthiness front. Barn finds archives - hot rod network, There are barn finds and then there are rare barn finds. Every -seat suv mpv reviewed rated, Every seven-seat suv and mpv reviewed and rated start your search for a family car here. That’s the Hollywood version; in the real world, the cops generally don’t look a whole lot like Angelina Jolie and they cannot search every car they stop.
But an officer who pulls you over may be able to search your car without a warrant under certain circumstances. Supreme Court had to adjust the boundaries of the Fourth Amendment right to deal with a new zone of personal privacy. After handcuffing Gant and placing him in the patrol car, the officers then searched his car and found a bag of cocaine in the pocket of a jacket on the backseat.
For example, in Rodney Gant’s situation, more than one officer was on site and Gant was in the patrol car at the time the officers searched his vehicle.
Under those circumstances, the officer had reasonable grounds to believe he was at risk, and a search could turn up weapons or evidence relevant to the arresting offense. So, while it is crucial to know your constitutional rights and the limits placed on the police, it is equally important to use common sense in any encounter with authorities.
So, if an officer gets a whiff of marijuana or alcohol when you roll down the window, expect at least a longer stop. There’s also a practical hurtle, namely that Find My Car Smarter requires you to give up a charging outlet in your car for something simple like this.
You can set it to remind you when your parking meter expires, by telling it how many minutes you’ve paid for, and can also create hotspots for street sweeping or parking enforcement during certain hours, days of the week, and locations. To find your car again, open the application and locate your last car position on the map (different zoom levels available). You have fewer constitutional rights against searches of your car than of your person or home but, even in a car, you are protected against unreasonable searches. The Court extended the constitutional protection against unreasonable searches to include a person’s vehicle.

The Court ruled that a search of the interior of the car was not reasonable because Gant was not in the car within reach of any weapon. As there was no risk to the officers of Gant reaching for a weapon, their search of his vehicle was unjustified.
In fact, the Court ruled, in the earlier case, that a police officer in such circumstances is allowed to search even closed containers inside a vehicle, such as purses, briefcases, glove boxes, etc. An officer’s visual scan of the inside of a car is allowed in any stop and any evidence of illegal activity spotted can lead to a more invasive search.
If you have been stopped by a police officer and have questions about your rights and options, consult an attorney experienced in laws in your state.
But this task is handled in an interesting way that the accessory's almost invisible design belies, and though the overall experience isn't ideal, it's definitely worth discussing. But once FMC Smart’s two pieces are connected, they become a tiny black nub with a small blue power light on the charger.
Plug Find My Car Smarter into your car, perform a one-time registration of the accessory with the app, and you can feel reasonably confident that the app will tell you where you left your vehicle, even if you did nothing more than turn off and exit your car with your phone in your pocket. Geofences can be established for home, work, and other locations so that the app works more reliably, and if you’re as likely to forget your phone as your car, the app can be set to chime and vibrate on your phone before you leave your vehicle. This command is received by the app, even if you’ve exited it or dumped it into the background.
However, under the Court’s decisions, your car is treated differently from your person and your home, and is subject to less protection against searches than they are. A vehicle search is allowed in such a stop onlywhen the driver is unsecured and within reaching distance of the inside of the car. You can also take a picture and associate a short description to help fully document the parking spot. You can also see the best walking direction from your current position to your parked location.
A broader “probable cause” search was not justified in this case either, because the officers had no reasonable belief that they would find evidence relevant to the crime that they arrested Gant for (driving on a suspended license).
Put another way, Find My Car Smarter can guide you generally to where your car is, but between pinpointing your vehicle and your own location, it’s not likely to be accurate down to a several-foot distance.
An in-app setting can let it warn you when the GPS signal is weak; another in-app feature can let you manually set the current location if you want to override the automated recording. Regrettably, these features underscore the questionable value of a $25-$30 accessory solution: if you need to use them, you could as easily drop a pin on your own Maps application for free.

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