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Then there are ID numbers that tell you much more, but a bit harder to read, and a little harder to find. These are usually up on a flat section of the block behind the alternator, if you have a Passenger-side one. You can find a stamped number on the top of the block, just forward of the leading edge of the passenger side head. Except this is machined off the first time the block is decked and even these numbers arent very accurate.

Note: Please refer to the listing pictures for an accurate description of the parts included in the kit.
Ive seen engines with no numbers on this area, dealer stamped numbers, numbers added later. It will tell you roughly the year it was cast, and if it's 2 or 4 bolt, but not much more help.
The original Powerglide trans works perfectly, as does the auto-choke and kick-down passing gear.

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