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Osama bin Laden is marked as "deceased" on the FBI's 10 Most Wanted List web page following the US raid that left him dead. We thought we had a pretty good idea of the badassery of the helicopter pilots who participated in the Seal Team Six raid that killed Osama Bin Laden.
Mark Owen (not his real name) was a US Navy Seal Team Six member and, he says, the second man to arrive in Bin Laden’s bedroom during the raid. Along with his fellow Seals, Owen credits the pilots of the two highly modified Army Blackhawk helicopters, callsigns CHALK 1 and CHALK 2, that delivered them across the Pakistan border.
Reports shortly after the raid revealed that a crashed helicopter had been destroyed by the Seals before they left to prevent its secret gear from falling into the wrong hands. Some have blasted Owen as a traitor for revealing background on the ultra-secretive Seals for a quick buck.
The only way that the Secretary of Defense will authorize the court martial of the US Navy Seal, is if the book has clearly moved across the line of the secrecy agreement with the author. When an oil pressure gauge starts to move in flight, pilots use both colors of their collar and open up several learned skills at once.
My friends are in awe when I’m usually correct and then I’ll verify by asking “So, what do you fly?” They’ll ask how I knew they were a pilot, but I don’t like to reveal my secrets. About NYCAviation NYCAviation is a worldwide aerospace news and resource organization for aviation enthusiasts and industry professionals alike. Disclaimer THE INFORMATION PROVIDED ON THIS SITE IS INTENDED FOR THE SOLE PURPOSE OF ASSISTING AVIATION ENTHUSIASTS AND PHOTOGRAPHERS. The secret move, described briefly in a draft report by the Pentagon’s inspector general, set off no alarms within the Obama administration even though it appears to have sidestepped federal rules and perhaps also the Freedom of Information Act. The records transfer was part of an effort by McRaven to protect the names of the personnel involved in the raid, according to the inspector general’s draft report. Under federal rules, transferring government records from one executive agency to another must be approved in writing by the National Archives and Records Administration. Special Operations Command also is required to comply with rules established by the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff that dictate how long records must be retained.
It was not immediately clear exactly which Defense Department records were purged and transferred, when it happened or under what authority, if any, they were sent to the CIA. The AP asked the Defense Department and CIA separately for files that included copies of the death certificate and autopsy report for bin Laden as well as the results of tests to identify the body. The CIA did tell the AP it could not locate any emails from or to Panetta and two other top agency officials discussing the bin Laden mission.
McRaven, who oversaw the bin Laden raid, expressed concerns in the report about possible disclosure of the identities of the SEALs. Since the raid, one of the SEALs published a book about the raid under a pseudonym but was subsequently identified by his actual name.
McRaven oversaw the raid while serving as commander of the Joint Special Operations Command, the secretive outfit in charge of SEAL Team Six and the military’s other specialized counterterrorism units. Ken McGraw, a spokesman for Special Operations Command, referred questions to the inspector general’s office.

The refusal to make available authoritative or contemporaneous records about the bin Laden mission means that the only official accounts of the mission come from U.S.
The Defense Department told the AP in March 2012 it could not locate any photographs or video taken during the raid or showing bin Laden’s body. The Pentagon also refused to confirm or deny the existence of helicopter maintenance logs and reports about the performance of military gear used in the raid. The Defense Department in November 2012 released copies of 10 emails totaling 31 pages found in the Carl Vinson’s computer systems. Quis autem vel eum iure reprehenderit qui in ea voluptate velit esse quam nihil molestiae consequatur, vel illum qui dolorem? The choppers flew an hour and a half from Afghanistan to Bin Laden’s compound in Abbottabad, just a mile from a Pakistani military base, buzzing just above the treetops the whole way to evade Pakistani radar. With publication just eight weeks before election day, there have been charges that it was a ploy to boost support for President Obama.
Thunder Over The Midlands highlights the best of the US Armed Forces, with a focus on how they work together. We specialize in publishing breaking news, insightful commentary and stellar photography covering all that happens not only in the world of commercial aviation, but the entire aerospace sector, including general aviation, military aviation and space.
William McRaven of his actions was quietly removed from the final version of an inspector general’s report published weeks ago. The Defense Department can prevent the release of its own military files, too, citing risks to national security. There are limited circumstances when prior approval is not required, such as when the records are moved between two components of the same executive department. Special Operations Command to transfer its records to the CIA, spokeswoman Miriam Kleiman said.
Its July 2012 manual requires that records about military operations and planning are to be considered permanent and after 25 years, following a declassification review, transferred to the Archives. While the Pentagon said it could not locate the files, the CIA, with its special power to prevent the release of records, has never responded.
The draft report was obtained and posted online last month by the Project on Government Oversight, a nonprofit watchdog group in Washington. And earlier this year the SEAL credited with shooting bin Laden granted a tell-all, anonymous interview with Esquire about the raid and the challenges of his retiring from the military after 16 years without a pension.
It also said it could not find any images of bin Laden’s body on the USS Carl Vinson, the aircraft carrier from which he was buried at sea. One of the stealth helicopters that carried the SEALs in Pakistan crashed during the mission and its wreckage was left behind.
The messages were heavily censored and described how bin Laden’s body was prepared for burial.
As CHALK 1, carrying Owen and about two dozen other Seals, approached the compound to drop the sailors off via fast ropes, it crash landed in the courtyard.
What we did not know was that following the raid, CHALK 2 ran out of fuel on the way back to Afghanistan, the raid having taken a bit longer than expected.

The first is to court martial the Navy Seal, and file suits for damages with the publisher. But that can be contested in court, and a judge can compel the Pentagon to turn over non-sensitive portions of records. The CIA also has not responded to a separate request for other records, including documents identifying and describing the forces and supplies required to execute the assault on bin Laden’s compound. McRaven also directed that the names and photographs associated with the raid not be released. These individuals spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the matter by name.
Bridget Serchak, a spokeswoman for the inspector general, would not explain why the reference was left out of the final report and what, if any, actions the office might be taking. In the case, brought by Judicial Watch, a conservative watchdog group, the CIA did not say the images were operational files to keep them secret. The Pentagon also said it could not find any death certificate, autopsy report or results of DNA identification tests for bin Laden, or any pre-raid materials discussing how the government planned to dispose of bin Laden’s body if he were killed. It also said it could not find any emails from other senior officers who would have been involved in the mission’s planning.
There is speculation that the helicopter got caught in its own downdraft, which may have been amplified by the compounds high walls. Still under the threat of Pakistani forces who would have been none-too-pleased to find an American military operation being conducted within their borders, CHALK 2 actually landed in western Pakistan, sipped some fuel from an accompanying CH-47 Chinook and took off again. The second isn’t much of an option, where nothing is done, and a brave new world develops with secret topics of our US government.
The CIA, noting that the bin Laden mission was overseen by then-CIA Director Leon Panetta before he became defense secretary, said that the SEALs were effectively assigned to work temporarily for the CIA, which has presidential authority to conduct covert operations. It argued successfully that the photos and videos must be withheld from the public to avoid inciting violence against Americans overseas and compromising secret systems and techniques used by the CIA and the military.
It said it searched files at the Pentagon, Special Operations Command headquarters in Tampa, Fla., and the Navy command in San Diego that controls the Carl Vinson. It found only three such emails written by or sent to then-Defense Secretary Robert Gates, and these consisted of 12 pages sent to Gates summarizing news reports after the raid. No matter the cause, Owen credited the pilots for putting it in one piece, a rough landing that was gentle enough for everyone to walk away. In either approach the secrecy agreements will become very restrictive to members of the military service, and civilian members of secret agencies like the CIA or NSA.
Maybe the best policy would be that the President of the United States be the only person who would report a secret operation, and if even a breath by someone else would bring immediate and harsh prison date for those involved. I believe that it was a mistake to have the Freedom of Information Act, and that the law that allows the disclosure of military and government secrets should be corrected by Congress as soon as possible.

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