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Doncaster Metal Recycling deals with all kinds of businesses throughout the UK from Scrap Yards and Waste Transfer companies to Fabricator and Engineering companies. The ?1 parking fee at Tunstall’s Asda store is being blamed for causing traffic problems in Scotia Road. It means some shoppers are choosing to park for free at Alexandra Retail Park – and then delay the traffic by using the pelican crossing to get across Scotia Road. Now Tunstall councillor Lee Wanger has written to Asda urging them to scrap the parking charge. But on the other side of Scotia Road – outside Boots, Iceland and Costa Coffee – motorists can park for free.

Simple information on the different types of emissions cars produce around the world, their effects, and different international legislation surrounding them.
The principle function of a catalytic converter is to provide an additional area for combustion to occur and thereby reduce the amount of hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide released through the exhaust system. When carbon monoxide or hydrocarbons pass through the catalytic converter, they are oxidised into carbon dioxide or water respectively.
Catalytic converters are the reason why the use of unleaded petrol is now common place; lead in the system would adhere to the platinum or palladium in the catalytic converter and make it ineffective. Please browse through our Gallery of recent projects showing some of the metals we collect and recycle.

The interior consists of either pellets or a honeycomb construction of platinum or palladium, which acts as a catalyst (a material which is used to speed up a chemical reaction). This is an exothermic, or heat producing reaction and the dirtier the exhaust, the harder the cat has to work and the hotter it gets.

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