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I read this as a car turning left must always yield regardless of the order the cars arrive at the intersection. Also the brown car hit the blue car on the side, that's going to be kind of hard to prove that blue charged forward, there would have been time for brown to stop unless they're a complete moron. Yah, we're right or wrong, but you are always obligated to avoid collisions within reasonable limits.
As soon as they both went at about the same time, the car going straight could either go faster or stop, and it wouldn't be obvious to the driver which, if either, of those choices would avert a wreck.
Edit: To clarify, just because you have the right of way, you aren't allowed to just blindly ram into a car, you're usually legally obligated to avoid a wreck, if possible. The only bullet point that's applicable is the third - it's not an all-way stop, there's no light, and the drivers are in facing lanes, so yield right doesn't apply. Yeah, since they both had a stop, the brown had to yield to oncoming traffic (the blue car), and wait for making his turn. Its really his word vs the other drivers word, I could see it going either way unless the guy didn't have his turn signal on. But as your saying its the rear of the vehicle that was hit my thoughts are (and they don't mean squat) that the driver making the turn was at fault. All of the people saying the brown car had right of way would have a point, if the brown car did not hit the blue car in the rear bumper. Reality - Brown car at fault as he had the ability to avoid the accident if he was paying attention to the fact that there was now a car in the way of him turning. While he has the right of way, right of way does not basically give you the right to ram someone because olol I got there first.
I mean like, not even half a second of wait time was really worth getting into an accident for?
I think this whole thread really describes the whole situation in that it's up in the air and based soley on opinion.
If your brother is being pegged by the other as being at fault I would turn it around and peg the fault on the other guy.

In my experience in driving, if you're making a left turn you should wait until oncoming traffic has either completely passed, or is far away to not cause an issue. I'm pretty sure left turns without exceptions require the person making the turn to make sure oncoming traffic isn't posing a risk. But I remember in driver's ed you should try and go by order of arrival, I assume that this is more of a courtesy vs law then? And you always assume the other driver is going to be a dick - because when he is and you hit him, you're at fault.
When there's any doubt, and I don't see much here, the circumstances of the collision itself are also relevant. When I was testing to get my license, I was nearly rear-ended by another driver after I hesitated to stop at a yellow and ended up braking hard. In this case oncoming traffic was close enough to make pose a risk and the brown car took the turn anyway. The whole left-right right of way thing is irrelevant because the cars are facing each other, and also because one got there before the other. If things were a bit different and the blue car hit the brown car in the side, things would look different - the brown car would have been well into its turn before the blue car entered the intersection in that case. Around here at a two way stop oncoming traffic has the right away unless your waved through. The DMV-rep sitting in wasn't too impressed but didn't fail me on the spot and told me that it is very difficult to get rear-ended and end up at fault. If this occurred at a intersection where both had no stop then it would be the fault of the brown car. There is a chance the insurance companies may agree on a split-fault (say, 80% brown 20% blue) but I doubt it. She then said that another similar situation is making a left turn, except it's the opposite - there is almost no way to get in an accident while making an unprotected left turn and not be at fault.
There looks to be enough left to make the car a roller, being a good starting point for a restoration candidate, or a surrogate “kit car” rolling shell with a drivetrain of your choice.

The seller is asking $35,000 for this Bora with a non-salvage title and other various parts not pictured. It is not apparent what happened to this car, but we are sure it would be an interesting story to hear. The seller has stated the car does not have a salvage title, and with no major damage we would guess that the original mechanicals failed leaving a large price tag for repair.As stated earlier, there appears to be enough of this old Italian to make it into a roller. Although the price tag is steep for many of us for a kit car chassis, we think it would make an excellent resto-mod.  You could have the cool Italian styling of the Bora, without the Mechanical issues the Bora was plagued with. For instance, you could have a brake system that uses standard brake fluid instead of mineral oil!
Instead of a costly Italian engine and transmission, you could transplant a Chevrolet LS-x engine of your choice. A bit blasphemous, but it could be a cool possibility for this chassis, versus its continual desert hibernation.
Actually, Boras and Maseratis in general were considered some of the most reliable of the exotics in their day. The Citroen hydraulic system was used on a couple of million cars with no notable reliability problems.
Boras were considered to be one of the few supercars that actually had brakes to match the performance – read the old reviews. Mineral oil not only has a higher boiling point than brake fluid, it’s non-hygroscopic, so it keeps that boiling point. LS motor, Porsche transaxle , racing seats and a cage would make a wild and unusual street or track car. You will need those and who knows what else to make all the missing items this hulk needs.That is after you add your choice of custom chassis and driveline.

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