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We're a nation of hoarders, but Drew Pritchard might inspire you to take a closer look at your clutter. He got his eye for art from his father, a painter who taught him about perspective, scale and form. But Drew's eye picks out an oak box that contains a bizarre Edwardian apparatus for delivering electric shocks to treat psychiatric illnesses.
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A single Rolls-Royce Wraith, estimated to be worth about A?260,000, was on board, part of a precious cargo, including more than 1,000 Jaguars and Land Rovers, 65 Minis, all destined for Middle Eastern customers.

The Political Carnival is a fast paced Progressive political site that combines humor with dead serious, dementia with politics (synonymous?), and sprinkles in idiosyncratic posts with breaking news. His TV show Salvage Hunters proves that junk can be priceless - if it has the 'X Factor'.Drew, 43, is no ordinary antiques trader. He describes himself as a 'decorative salvage dealer', scouring collections and hoards everywhere from country houses to bric-a-brac shops, in search of things to renovate.
He has an eye for the pieces other dealers miss, and his discerning clients - who include fashion designer Ralph Lauren, chef Marco Pierre White and Hollywood star Jim Carrey - trust his taste in the unusual. He and his wife Rebecca now sell all over the world from their warehouse in Conwy, North Wales, and in January they opened a stand at the Liberty department store on Regent Street in London.
In a barn on the grounds of a Georgian manor house in Wales, Drew sees a battered armchair lying upside down. Its stuffing is slashed and two legs have snapped off - most people would take one look and sling it on a bonfire, but Drew pays A?150. Even his wife thinks he's taken leave of his senses, until it emerges from his renovation workshop with all four legs.

Suddenly, the chair is a classic, and worth an estimated A?550.He has to be quick off the mark to find the best pieces, and be prepared to go wherever the treasure is hidden. The only downside is the amount of driving - it's often five hours on the road.'On a visit to Kevin Marshall, who runs what some say is Britain's best junk shop in Kingston upon Hull, Drew falls in love with a chair from a traditional barber's shop. It's child-sized and decorated with a metal horse's head to keep young customers amused while they were getting a short back and sides.
Kevin is reluctant to part with it, but Drew knows that many visitors to his stand at Liberty would happily pay A?1,500 to buy it for their own young family.
I get to wander round beautiful buildings, see antique collections that are like time capsules, and buy something wonderful.
I own it for a brief space of time and then I make my living out of it.'So next time you think of clearing out your attic, just remember - one man's junkyard is another man's fortune.

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