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Search for salvage YAMAHA GP1200 1999 repairable vehicle for sale in the YAMAHA inventory for sale from Copart Auto Auction. When it comes to surviving the zombie apocalypse, there are two strategies for you to consider: be stationary and dig in or be on the move! For instance, boxing your self in behind walls of steel or concrete may sounds like a wise idea but without proper preparations that same haven could easily become your massive tomb.
Likewise, surviving the apocalypse and fending off zombies on the open road requires top physical and psychological preparedness and if not dealt with properly and wisely could cost you your life sooner than you may think.
A vehicle for the zombie apocalypse is certainly not your average, everyday, a trip-to-the-mall-kind of mini van or SUV. It has to be a durable vehicle with four wheel drive capable of crossing all types of terrains with plenty of room for all your necessities.

Probably the most important thing when it comes to driving your way through the zombie apocalypse is your knowledge about cars and fixing them. Surviving on the roads means not knowing what’s behind the next bend and being prepared for every single situation that the end of days will probably throw at you. But it also keeps you on constant alert and gives you better chance of finding help and hope witch is essential in this type of situation.
So, if you don’t have a prison or an oil rig near which you can turn into a zombie outpost and you know a fair bit about cars, your best bet of staying alive is taking your chances in one of these bad boys! On the other hand these types of vehicles require huge amounts of petrol so it would be prudent of you to make several stops at gas stations and stock up every opportunity you get.

If you have limited or no knowledge about cars and how they operate you should opt for strategy number one: stay indoors!

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