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Although used vehicles with salvage titles typically sell for less than similar vehicles with clean titles, the discount doesn't reflect the actual loss in market value. State compliance with NMVTIS is federally mandated, but while states ramp up their programs, the bad guys - including curbstoners selling welded-together wrecks - still have workarounds. There are also things you can do to check for collision repair before you visit your mechanic. Uncover the telltale signs of collision damage with this free field guide from Stop Curbstoning.

Find out how much one curbstoner can cost your city in this special report from Stop Curbstoning. According to the article, "Five Reasons to Avoid Salvage-Title Cars," a salvage title reduces a vehicle's value by 50% or more.
A look at the compliance map on the official NMVTIS website shows potential loophole states within a few hundred miles drive from just about anywhere in the US.
It means that extra caution is due when buying any out-of-state vehicle licensed in areas not currently in compliance with NMVTIS: Colorado, Hawaii, Illinois, Kansas, Maine, Michigan, Mississippi, New Mexico, Oregon, Rhode Island, and Vermont, plus the federal district of Washington, DC.

That's why a hands-on inspection by a trusted mechanic is an essential part of any used car buying decision.

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