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Our 600-2000 Volt two conductor cables are recommended for installations where long flex life, great flexibility and wearability are desired. Heavy duty jacket offers excellent protection against abrasion, impact, heat, oil, flame, ozone, alkali and acids.
Applications include heavy duty or temporary power supply service, AC or DC, to motor or generators, portable and stationary heavy duty equipment, cranes, conveyors and other mobile equipment.
There looks to be enough left to make the car a roller, being a good starting point for a restoration candidate, or a surrogate “kit car” rolling shell with a drivetrain of your choice.
The seller is asking $35,000 for this Bora with a non-salvage title and other various parts not pictured.
It is not apparent what happened to this car, but we are sure it would be an interesting story to hear. The seller has stated the car does not have a salvage title, and with no major damage we would guess that the original mechanicals failed leaving a large price tag for repair.As stated earlier, there appears to be enough of this old Italian to make it into a roller.

Although the price tag is steep for many of us for a kit car chassis, we think it would make an excellent resto-mod.  You could have the cool Italian styling of the Bora, without the Mechanical issues the Bora was plagued with. For instance, you could have a brake system that uses standard brake fluid instead of mineral oil!
Instead of a costly Italian engine and transmission, you could transplant a Chevrolet LS-x engine of your choice. A bit blasphemous, but it could be a cool possibility for this chassis, versus its continual desert hibernation.
Actually, Boras and Maseratis in general were considered some of the most reliable of the exotics in their day.
The Citroen hydraulic system was used on a couple of million cars with no notable reliability problems. Boras were considered to be one of the few supercars that actually had brakes to match the performance – read the old reviews.

Mineral oil not only has a higher boiling point than brake fluid, it’s non-hygroscopic, so it keeps that boiling point.
LS motor, Porsche transaxle , racing seats and a cage would make a wild and unusual street or track car. You will need those and who knows what else to make all the missing items this hulk needs.That is after you add your choice of custom chassis and driveline.

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