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If you’re looking for some used Corvette parts to help with a restoration, this might be your big chance. Eric and Keith Hay, owners of Wayne Auto Parts in Dover, Ohio, say after 57 years it’s time to retire so they will be shutting their doors for good at the end of June unless someone buys the land before then.
This might be a good opportunity to pick up some parts for early model Corvettes as the photos with the ad show what looks like a Corvette hospital. By the way, the owners say you can buy the land with or without everything on it, meaning this might be your chance to open up a Corvette salvage yard. Now, how to avoid getting burned by those side-exhausts since the body-panels are non-existent. The Clipping Point is an automotive blog with daily car related updates from around the world. The Greek-owned and Liberian, Montrovia Port flagged cargo ship ran aground on 5 October on Astrolabe Reef, 22km (14 miles) from Tauranga Harbour on New Zealand’s North Island. There are about 1,300 containers to be removed from the ship, which will also be moved off the reef the ship is stuck on.
The Container ship, which got stuck on the New Zealand offshore reef and was in danger of breaking apart.

Environmentalists had warned of disaster if all 1,700 tonnes of oil and 200 tonnes of diesel originally held on board spilled from the vessel. The ship’s Philippine captain and second officer have been charged over the incident.
Large shipping companies register their container ships and cargo vessels in countries like Greece Islands and Monrovia Port in obscure African Nations like Liberia so that they don’t have to maintain high safety standards and highly trained staff to man their vessel like the laws in United States and European Countries require.
Kimi Raikkonen felt he was faster than Max Verstappen during the Spanish Grand Prix but was unable to pass the Dutchman due to losing grip with his tyres following the Red Bull driver.
He's owned 10 Corvettes since 1983, including examples from the third, fourth, fifth, and sixth generations.
It has the original 8.3-liter V10 that churns out 500 PS with 711 Nm of torque along with the Tremec 6-speed manual gearbox.
As it turned out, the Viper was involved in an accident way back and had some damage at the front end.
The seller has to see first that you have the financial capability of buying it first though. The blog features automotive lifestyle, car show reports, car culture, car films, road safety, motorsports, and videos.

It has 55,769 miles on the clock (about 90,000 km) and has the official Ohio state salvage title, meaning it can be purchased and be driven legally. Paypal is also viable but it will cost 4% more as it will offset the charges the seller will receive from Paypal. Besides his passion for anything with four wheels and a motor, he likes video games and rock music. Greece is a member of the EU so registering the ships on one of the Greek islands in order to avoid tight EU regulations would make absolutely no sense.
He and his son, Chris, also a Corvette enthusiast, served as Captains of the 2014 Georgia Corvette Caravan. The one who posted it even said that it drives okay on a straight line without any vibration.
Don’t expect any airbags though as those were deployed during the accident and have already been removed.

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