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View details"This seat cover has a very smart look and once fitted they will change the feel and appearance of the entire vehicle. Please note it is Fully waterproof and wipeable - protecting your seat from mud, grease, oil liquid spills etc. Safety Features:Our seat covers are compatible with seats which have airbags and the system that we have used is weakened stitch technology.

Unfortunatley the doblo had to be scrapped and the seat covers were only fitted for one month. Colour: ANTHRACITE GREY with a pattern embedded in the base of the fabric - 2 Fronts Semi-fit Car Seat Covers. Our Rossini Motorsports seat covers are semi-fitting in a PVC leatherette fabric, and are suitable for most cars.

Seat covers make it easy to protect that investment, since they protect the seats from fading, spills, or other damage.

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