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Simplicity is one of the pioneering makers of riding mowers and tractors, and they’re still independent. Wheel Horse is also a pioneering brand, from at least the early fifties, when the growth of suburbia opened up a big new market for riding mowers. Lots of John Deeres, including this 112, a direct descendent of the first JD garden tractor, the legendary 110 from 1963. A view of more machines, including a couple of Hondas (the two red ones behind the one in front).
This one has had its original engine replaced, which had a rubber wheel on the front of its crankshaft that drove the mower deck’s big aluminum wheel, via friction. That takes power to the rear, where a rather complicated arrangement with a second (vee) belt, which has an idler to act as a clutch, and then finally a chain drive to the rear wheel. David Bradley was another pioneering manufacturer of small self-propelled tractors and farm equipment. Another view, although some of you are probably more interested in that police-spec CV for sale next door. Somewhere I have pics of it with the bonnet up yep V860 and it carries no weight so I doubt it works hard at all, major computer problems have kept these shots off the cohort but I’m doing a deal for a rebuilt computer so ya never know.
Help!!!!!!!!!!I have a Blair 5 hp riding mower with hard plastic tires, yoke steering, forward reverse and a clutch for the drive only. My father, somewhere around ’71 got tired of push mowing the lawn, walked to the dealer in Lombard, IL, bought a new 147 and drove it home (down Roosevelt Road!). He bought the snowplow attachment and used it for many years, plowing out our driveway & sometimes our neighbors too.
When our problematic Mark III Lincoln conked out a block away from our house in West Chicago years later, he towed it back home with the Cub Cadet with my mother steering the car. The huge generator (black cylinder) in the pic is also the starter and I always loved firing the 147 up. A few years ago I bought a coworkers old 169 after it blew out its front oil seal (bad news on a Kohler so I’ve heard). I’m not a Harley guy but these things are the Harley Davidsons of lawn tractors to me.
Oh yeah, I forgot to add, the last time I saw my father’s 147 tractor it still had three of its original tires.
On my previous Lumix cameras, I could take them apart and blow off the CCD sensor with bottled air, but this one has a different design, and I couldn’t get it apart.
So I decided to ditch it and get a smartphone, so I would always have a camera at hand, and one without a moveable lens that lets n dirt, but it’s been a very frustrating experience so far.
But recently Lily got a Panasonic Lumix and it’s a dandy little camera, super quick, easy and always successful. However, the iPhone fits in my front pants pocket (in a slip case), and so it has become my go-to camera.

If you really want to use a regular digicam, consider buying entry-level Canons for about $100 and when they break, just go get another one. A picture of the 7hp beast that saved my bacon a few snow storms this winter…right after I dug it out of a 15 year storage to move it to my house. He is retiring, needs to sell everything in his lot, and is willing to make deals to clear it out. Like with so many things (appliances, etc), today most consumer riding mowers are made by just a handful of companies.
This is one of their big ones, with a horizontally-opposed twin (Kohler, I’m quite sure). It looks to have been likely built by one of the mass-producers of lower end equipment, either MTD or Murray.
Although Honda is very successful with regular lawnmowers and such, their riding mower line didn’t catch on, and they exited the market in the mid-nineties. Fairbanks-Morse was one of the most storied industrial pioneers and giants, dating back to 1823. Sadly, FM’s fortunes took a dive in the fifties, as the result of family squabbles and a changing marketplace. Their new Suburban line of garden tractors came out in the latter fifties, and was soon picked up by Sears, which sold it as their Suburban. Sears was (and still is) a big source of riding mowers, and their Suburban line was highly regarded. FMC was another American industrial company that went through a lot of changes since its founding in 1883. And since it probably (hopefully) doesn’t need to run at much more than an idle, I suppose it can get away with a moderate sized radiator. First lawn tractor my dad ever bought was an orange and white 8 horsepower Huffy from the local (pre-big box) hardware store with a 36″ deck , chrome moon hubcaps and a pull start rope through the dash unlike the electric start model (pictured below) which also had headlights .
12hp Kohler that was replaced in 1987 because mom was doing most of the mowing and wasn’t as religious about checking the oil like Dad. 100 series body and frame but 18hp and a 46 in deck, sort of like putting an SBC in a Chevette. But I only know that because it says so right on the side of the tractor in the picture there.
The electric lens cover on my third Lumix started being erratic, but I didn’t notice it until afterwards. I accidentally had it set to video mode, so all my shots from the Iowa trip are useless videos, mostly of the ground and the inside of my pocket.
It doesn’t handle as easily as my Canon S95, which is a very fine little point-and-shoot. It takes a while to weed out the crap you don’t need, find some actual useful apps, and get everything configured the way it works for you.

I use my iPhone 5 for almost everything but I still own one of the larger, clunkier Lumix cameras for the really fine work. The first three years of them had a belt drive to the transmission, but was then re-engineered to have direct drive, using the transmission from the larger four-cylinder Cub. It made a huge array of industrial products, and its opposed-piston diesel engines were legendary as submarine engines, and used in FM’s line of locomotives. Yes, there’s folks who just have to have what they rode on in their youth, or saw Dad or Grandpa ride on. When I turn on my display it’s right there next to my thumb, allowing me to one-hand it.
I think my phone even has very primitave image stabilization and it seems to work decent enough as long as the camera limitations arent exceded in low or bright light.
Now I just have to rebuild the mowing deck so I don’t have to push most the half acre. Our town is famous for its curbside classics, but if your fancy runs to classic riding mowers and garden tractors, we have that base covered too, thanks to Burt’s. I suspect it was built by someone else, a very common practice in this business; then and now. In the post-war era, FM expanded into consumer products, including a line of riding mowers. There is probably no dead (wo)man switch in the seat if she falls off or burns her leg on the hot engine. Actually chipped a tooth on the pulley which is on the bottom right of the pic when the seat closed itself while my head was still in the way, hurt like no other. But IH sold the Cadet line to MTD in the early 1980s, so they’ve been badge-engineered for a long time.
He had it all shined up and original when he decided to add a two foot long two and a half inch stainless stack to it.
I’m much more satisfied now with my 8 year old Simplicity Broadmoor , but the old ones bring back so many memories . The nearside belt is whats used as the clutch for the tractor, the far side is to run the attachments.
He has since let it get a bit faded but he gave it too my eleven year old car guy nephew who is in the middle of restoring it again.
Ours had a 2 speed planetary reduction to give an extra set of lower gears that was mounted on the input to the transaxle.
The stack is being retained and is still as awfull(IMO) as ever but hey at least it still shines.

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