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Did you find the perfect car and read over the CARFAX Vehicle History Report only to find it carries a salvage title?
A salvage title is issued to a vehicle when an insurance company determines that the cost to repair it after a crash approaches (or is more than) the value of the vehicle.
Terms vary from state to state, so some cars are branded just "salvage," whereas others can get a "flood" or more specific term as to the reason the car's status changed. Here are things to consider, though: A flooded car is never going to be in good shape again. Older cars especially are at risk for being salvaged because insurance companies typically require new parts for things such as headlights, bumpers and body panels. No matter how polished, a car with a salvage title won't be as good as one with a clean title. In plenty of cases, there's little to be gained when buying a car with salvage title, especially when there are lots of other cars like it with a clean title. Non-repairable title, *if you have not already titled the vehicle in your name you will be required to pay a 6% sales tax in addition to our processing fee. Copyright © 2012 Autos Weblog, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners.
Easy Scrap Cars, Vans & 4x4We make simpler and easier for you to scrap your car or scrap van.
What Clients Says“Unfortunately my Peugeot 207 had some major mechanical faults and it was not worth to fix it. Since then, the recession seems to have drawn to a close, and a lot more people are now able to afford cars.
When to Buy a New CarMany people are faced with a challenge when it comes to deciding on buying a new car. If you’ve spent too much money on car repairs and are still spending, it might be time to start planning for a new purchase.
Spending too much time at the spare shop may affect your job and the time that you spend with your family. With constant mechanical problems, rattling noises, and just that old look, some people might feel embarrassed to drive their old car. Founded in 1982, IAA is driving the salvage auto auction industry, working to provide the best value to buyers and high returns to sellers.
Although IAA does not typically purchase vehicles, they do manage the sale and disposition of vehicles for insurance companies, recovered-theft, fleet lease, rental companies, and charity organizations. For the past 30 years, IAA has continued to develop and cultivate a mature and global customer buyer base. IAA follows strict regulatory compliance at the federal and state levels and is well versed in all state titling laws as well as buyer and seller licensing. Dynamic’s ad in Tow Professional Magazine resulted in a shocking 30 calls the first two days the magazine went into circulation. Your heart sinks, obviously.A salvage title is a scarlet letter that can turn any car, no matter how pristine, into Hester Prynne. This can come from any number of issues, such as a crash, flood damage, fire, or even something minor like an accidental air bag deployment or minor fender bender.

Even in cases of fires contained to a relatively small area, such as the dashboard or some peripheral motor, the heat could have affected other electrical systems in the car and make them not work as advertised.
The price of these parts can quickly add up and easily exceed the value of the car when labor is added in.
This is where you need to find out exactly the extent of the damage and how the vehicle was repaired. A repairable salvage-titled vehicle isn't necessarily a terrible thing, if it's all been repaired correctly and with genuine, manufacturer-approved parts.
It could be harder to insure, not come with any kind of warranty and lead to other hidden repairs. Take the car for a test drive and get an independent mechanic to inspect it before purchasing. Then the car was sold to its second owner in Illinois, where the car got into a third accident and was totaled! Easy Scrap Cars is fully licensed with Environment Agency and insured to provide extra piece of mind.
If so, you are probably being bombarded with a barrage of advice from friends and colleagues who are telling you about the wisdom of your decision. The best time to buy a car would probably have been during the recent financial recession, because there were just so many deals floating around – particularly repo deals.
However, there are still a lot of vehicle seizures, and a lot of good deals on bank repo cars still remain.
Once you accept our offer, you will be contacted directly to schedule a convenient pickup time for you, which can be done that same day for FREE! Vehicles are prone to wear and tear with time and as such need to be checked and repaired often. Mechanical problems, especially recurring ones are a major concern since you never know what will happen when you are on the road. If your old car needs too much attention to keeping it running, it might not only drain you financially but also take up your valuable time.
You will find end-to-end solutions and standardized quality assurance practices at each of their 160 North American locations. It’s no surprise IAA has long standing relationships with more than 900 independent and national towing companies. IAA auctions cars, trucks, boats, motor homes, personal watercraft, snowmobiles, and travel trailers. Buyers include automotive body shops, rebuilders, used car dealers, automotive wholesalers, exporters, dismantlers, recyclers, brokers, and where allowed, non-licensed (public) buyers. It is mailed to a national audience of more than 22,000 decision-makers, including Owners, Presidents, CEOs, and Principals. Despite this, some buyers take advantage of cars with salvage titles for a far lower price than if it had a clean title. A flood is a sure way to ruin basically every part of the car, and not know about it for long periods of time. If the parts affected in a collision are not structurally vital or expensive safety items such as air bags, then it's reasonable that a car could be safe to use.

The following words all indicate a salvage vehicle: totaled, reconditioned, salvaged, junked, rebuilt and warranty returned. This is how I learned about title washing, as the Illinois title was a salvage title, but when the car was transferred to Minnesota a clear title was issued for the vehicle. Use the CARFAX search as one important tool, along with a vehicle inspection and test drive, to make a better decision about your next used car. In a lot of cases, you will receive conflicting advice as well – some people will tell you that now is the perfect time to be making a large purchase of that kind, while others will tell you that you are making a huge mistake and you should not buy a car anytime soon. As we all now know, the recession was caused by people who ran into cash flow issues, and were unable to keep paying off their liabilities (such as their car loan).
In other words, the bargains of the financial crisis are still out there, you just have to hunt a bit harder for them.
It also becomes unsafe to use it at night or in a secluded area since it might break down and put your life at risk.
You will also be spending much on gas to get to and from the auto repair shop. Navigate here for more info. You will be paid by cash or check, and you can use the money as part payment for your new car.
This well-established model allows the company to flex in ways a single, on-line only auction model cannot. IAA also offers salvage commercial vehicles that range from buses, trailers to trucks and heavy equipment such as cranes, emergency vehicles, farm, forestry and heavy-duty vehicles.
This will ensure as much as possible that the vehicle is, in fact, roadworthy, the repairs were done correctly using the right parts and that the mileage hasn't been tampered with. Thanks guys!Jamies Bennett“I needed to sell my scrap car because I was moving abroad and did not have the time to fix the car.
As a result, lenders began seizing their assets, and placing them back on the auction block – however, because so many people were having the aforementioned money problems, there were not enough people to buy the cars. If you feel uncomfortable buying a repossessed car, it is also worth noting that the drop in car prices during the recession affected new and used car prices as well – everyone was forced to drop their prices in order to stay competitive and attract buyers. If you feel like the repair costs are draining you financially, maybe it’s time to give the old car up and get yourself a new one. These guys collected my Ford Focus and paid cash just few hours after I received my car evaluation. As a result, the market was flooded with a huge number of repo cars for sale, and prices dropped because sellers outnumbered buyers by such a huge factor.
Cars that have salvage titles can be dangerous if repaired by someone who cuts corners or does not know what they're doing.Every used car needs an inspection and records before you buy, but with a salvage-titled car, you need to be extra careful.

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