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We appreciate that you may not always have access to the internet during your travels, that's why we have launched Text in pal.
Simply save our duty mobile number, below, to your contacts and text us from anywhere in the world stating the call back option you require along with a contact number, and a member of the Check in pal team will call you back to make your arrangements.
When using Text in pal, all fees, including call back charges and fees for services you require, will not be incurred until a Check in pal agent calls you back. Our independent Airline check-in service can help you Avoid penalties of up to A?45 per person (with some airlines). Are you, like many other airline passengers, phased by your airlines online check in process and unable to access your flight booking details in order to check-in online? If for some reason we are unable to complete your selected service, we will issue you with a full refund. Your online check in is completed on your behalf, ensuring that your passport details (API) are added and you are in posession of a valid boarding pass to travel.
Here at checkinpal we understand that not all passengers will have access to a computer, printer, internet access, in order to check in and print out their boarding passes. If you are having difficulties checking in and need assistance with your flight booking, let our experts help by taking care of it for you! It later emerged that the gauges at the departure gates are of a different design to those on the main airport concourse, meaning bags which are close to the maximum size a€“ 55cm x 40m x 20cm a€“ do not fit in them.The problem is highlighted on the programme Watchdog on BBC1 tonight. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Egypt's second largest city (3.5 million people), its largest seaport and the country's window onto the Mediterranean Sea. Hurghada today is a world centre for sea sports such as diving, snorkelling, sailing, windsurfing, and deep-sea fishing. Before you embark on your Egypt travel plans it is best if you can read up on the culture of the country, as it is rather unique. Egypt is an Islamic country, though about 15-20% of the population is non-Muslim, with Coptic Christians making up the majority.
Many people have the impression that Muslim women have to have their heads covered, either by a scarf or by wearing the all-enveloping cloak known as a burqa, yet once here something catches their eyes; many, many, women have their heads uncovered.
If you must take a taxi, then it would be best if you asked at the reception desk of your hotel to get you one. Remember that Egypt is a 3rd world country, and has many poor people who think that all tourists are rich, no matter where they come from in the world! When shopping for bargains, keep your own currency and credit cards out of sight, and separate from your LE. The Pyramids of Giza, and the Great Sphinx, have watched the rise and fall of every great civilisation and empire for over 5000 years and this longevity has made them one of the biggest magnets on the planet. Though you may be keeping to a strict budget, sometimes it is best stretching this slightly further for your health’s sake. So, now you have bought your package and you should have an itinerary supplied by your travel agent.
Your camera need batteries so make sure you have some spare ones (even though you can purchase them in Egypt). It is going to be hot, so pack your cotton clothes, and underwear, which prevents irritations that man-made fabrics can cause. Make up a mini-medikit with plasters, headache tablets, mosquito repellent, sun cream, safety pins etc.
Once you have everything ready you will find it is easier to relax before departure and you will not have that last minute run to the shops to get something. Ideally the best time to visit outside sites is during the forenoon, when the sun has not yet reached its zenith.
The Giza plateau has very little shade, and even the pyramids do not offer that much due to their shape. Again, this site is very much open, but at least it has some mastabas (tombs) to enter which gives an escape to the sun. The Colossi of Ramses II is inside a building, which keeps you out of the sun, and the gardens with the various statues and other artefacts are well shaded by tall trees. Being inside this museum allows you to stay shaded all of the time, so it can be visited at any time, morning or afternoon.
Though it is exposed to the sun, the majority of the little streets within it are shaded from the sun and the main places you will visit within the Citadel, the Mosque of Mohammed Ali and the Museum, are interior visits. The only time you are exposed to the sun is when you are walking to each of the buildings, and the streets are shaded in the afternoon, so another visit than can be done at anytime of the day.
Though people do visit here from opening to closing time, the ideal period to visit is in the early morning.
These 2 gigantic statues are located on the road leading away from the sites of the West Bank and are not close to the mountains; they are actually on arable land. The high columns, pylons and walls give each of these two buildings their own natural interior shade. The most southerly, and possibly the hottest, site on the majority of itineraries, either built in or as an optional excursion. Over Easter, and again from just before Christmas until just after New Year, Egypt has what are called high seasons. Many solo travellers can also be hit with a supplement as many hotels, and most cruises, do not have single rooms or cabins and so a person on their own is accommodated in a twin room, for which they are charged for the second bed not being used. An other good reason for booking before you go is that many special offers can be found that are not available if you want to just turn up at a hotel or a cruise (very few cruises will let you purchase a cabin without prior booking anyway). If you only have a few days and so wish to have a package which will allow you to see the sites in Cairo, this package will be the best one for you. The next day you are taken to see the Giza Pyramids and Sphinx and then after lunch you are taken to Sakkara, to see the Step Pyramid of Djoser, and the Memphis Museum.
Day 3 has you visiting the Egyptian Museum, where you will get the chance to stand and gaze at the famous death mask of Tutankhamun. The final day is one of relaxation until it is time to be taken back to Cairo airport for your departure. The first day allows you to see the Pyramids of Giza as well as having an enjoyable lunch before visiting the Egyptian Museum in the afternoon.
Whereas Egypt Splendor is ideal for those who only have a week to spare, Egypt Odyssey is ideal for those who have 2 weeks and as it is for one more week, this package allows more scope and freedom within it. The next day gives you the option to visit Abu Simbel before you embark on your 3 night Nile cruise, which will allow you to enjoy the temples of Kom Ombo and Edfu whilst en route to Luxor. A private tour is one that is confined to only those who you are travelling with; you will never be expected to join in with another group, nor will any others be expected to join in with you. If you are returning to Egypt and do not want to see the same sites that you have already visited, do not be afraid to ask for changes to be made. This post may contain affiliate links from our advertising partners, such as American Express. After the story made international news last fall about a man who lost his family in a house fire and had to pay €187 to change his return ticket to get home, RyanAir pledged to be be more customer friendly. But the customer-friendly website still has many challenges. The first issue was opting out of travel insurance. Turns out it’s alphabetized with the list of countries, not really intuitive despite their hint. Next up was the checked baggage fee which now starts at a modest €15 during low season for 15kg or less when paid online and goes up from there, maxing out at €70 for a 2nd 15kg checked bag during high season + €10 per extra kilo. Paying with a credit card adds another 2% charge, paying with a debit card gets you a 2% discount.
When she went to check in for her flight and print out her boarding pass, it kept registering an error. The best part of the story was hearing about her in-person experiences, particularly the return flight.
Yes, some of the fees are ridiculous, but as Tiff also points out about Spirit Airlines, at the end of the day they’d been able to fly to Edinburgh for little more than traveling to the major shopping center an hour away.

If like me, you get a kick out seeing the many different possible fees, here’s a link to the list.
Living for the little (and big things) that make life so fun, especially mistake deals and crazy last minute weekend mileage runs across the world.
The time our flight got cancelled and we had to pay twice the price to get bused to Switzerland from Germany.
Manage airline bookings, Assistance with checking in, Boarding cards, Seating allocation; just some of the services we offer. With budget Airlines such as Ryanair, Easyjet, Jet2, Bmi baby and Aerlingus now moving to online check in as their primary check in facility method, many airline passengers are finding themselves in a difficult position to complete their online check in and face the possibility of a check in fee at the airport.
Confusingly for passengers, different airlines operate different policies on the size of hand luggage they will allow.
No city in Egypt has history as rich as that of Alexandria which witnessed so many historic events and legends! Therefore, it is considered one of the most important tourism spots in Egypt and maybe in the whole world. The city offer some of the finest placesA for diving and snorkeling in the world,A it offers great value for money if compared with many diving spots in the world. Throughout the world Muslims are regarded as people who do not drink alcohol and are virtual non-smokers a€¦ until you come to Egypt. To all intents and purposes this man is no better than a beggar back in your own town, someone who can hardly afford to rub to pennies together, yet he has a piece of technology that you maybe do not own. Again, this is something which Egyptian women have been doing foe many years and is perfectly acceptable. They have certain assigned taxis that they know very well, and deal with on a daily basis. Though they do give a lot of good information, they do not explain everything, or how to help if you get into problems. Take special care in Cairo, where the traffic is a lot busier than in other Egyptian cities: especially outside the Egyptian museum!
You will find it a lot cheaper to buy in the various shops, than buying at your hotel or cruise boat. Try and plan each day in advance, work out how much you will need for admissions, and keep this money separate from your spending money.
It is easier to haggle over a price if you can show that you have only a few Egyptian pounds in your possession!
Most hotels offer this service free of charge (or for a very low cost) and it saves you having to carry too much to your next destination.
No matter where you live in the world there are companies offering discounted flights; and please do not ignore charter flights either.
One thing we never do is book cruises below 5 star standard and we are often asked why this is.
Well, the star ratings get higher as the facilities and overall standard of the accommodation gets better and so it is easier to imagine 5 star deluxe (or any suffix added to 5 star) as being 6 star; something that those who fix the star ratings seem feared to utilise.
This will now give you many opportunities to start memorising the itinerary so that you know, once you get here, where you are going.
This allows this site to be visited safely in the afternoon (which is why it is often twinned with a visit to Sakkara).
The tombs are cut into the limestone mountain and rock does conduct heat very well, and it also retains it, so as the day progresses and the hot sun shines down on the valley, which is actually a sun trap, the rocks start to heat up. This tomb is situated at the far end of the valley and has some steep steps to negotiate to reach the entrance.
It is located at the foot of the mountain which has the Valley of the Kings on the other side and also has a tendency to become hotter as the day progresses.
Karnak does have huge areas of exposed land where the sun relentlessly beats down, but these are punctured by walls and pylons, giving a short respite.
To be honest, the only time you will be exposed to the sun is when waiting on the motor boat(s) to pick you up.
Built on the West Bank of the River Nile, now the West Bank of Lake Nasser, Ramses II’s phenomenal temples are only 40Km from the Sudanese border and are south of the Tropic of Cancer. Lots of hotels, as well as a few cruises, do have this facility and so it is best checking before you leave to find out which ones do; this can be essential when on a tight budget. So please try and book before you leve to ensure you have accommodation once you arrive and to save yourself some money as well. You are met at the airport by our representative and then transported, in our air-conditioned vehicle, to your hotel.
There are many rooms in this museum, built over 2 floors and you may even wish to pay the extra to visit the Royal Mummies Room, home to many of ancient Egypt’s famous Pharaohs.
As in most packages the first day is for arrival, which can be at anytime because of international flights, and allows you time for relaxation. Your first full day after arrival allows you to visit not only the Pyramids of Giza, but also the Step Pyramid at Sakkara and the Museum at Memphis.
Upon arrival in Luxor you will be taken to see The Valley of the Kings, the Temple of Hatshepsut, the Colossi of Memnon, Luxor Temple and the huge Temple of Karnak, before having your final night on the boat. This means that it will only be your party on excursions, only your party in our air-conditioned vehicle, and only your party with our guide; YOUR guide.
If we have to we will simply alter the itinerary so that it fits with the cruise embarkation, ensuring that no planned visits are missed, just rescheduled somewhere else.
Just let us know, when making your booking, and alternative visits will be suggested to you. She and her mom had been able to get tickets from Dublin to Edinburgh for only 16.90 Euros each way. That meant reducing things like pre-paid checked bag fees from €60 to €35 and allowing one small personal item in addition to one carryon. My new friend was so frustrated she was ready to just pay the €40 fee until she called her sister and asked. After trying half a dozen times it finally went through – well worth her effort since having to reprint a boarding pass at the airport is €15. They had done quite a bit of shopping and were at risk of going over their pre-purchased checked luggage limit. Only to find out that the RyanAir staff in Edinburgh strictly enforce the carry-on size limits. Well, only briefly in the line and the woman came over and pulled them and their stuffed duffel bags aside. My favorite – paying the expected €2 for a can of soda, only to discover it was the mini-cans! So as long as you know how to play the game and stay minimal, RyanAir, like Spirit, can be a great option. Uncomplicated Advice.What to do (and NOT to do) to travel more comfortably, affordably, and fashionably. For all airlines flying into and out of the UK, a recent safety requirement has been introduced restricting the weight of each single item of luggage to 32kg. Ryanair online check in not working and having Ryanair boarding pass printing problems, need help? We spoke to our line managers, and they were aware and passed it on higher.a€™Travel industry expert Rochelle Turner, the head of research for Which? Not only is alcohol tolerated here, not only is it, reasonably, easy to purchase, you will often find yourself in the company of a Muslim who is enjoying a beer and a cigarette; often finishing them in enough time to go and pray in the local Mosque.
If you are travelling alone, or in a couple, and wish to organise everything yourself, also let the hotel know your plans before you leave. Too many people have come to Egypt armed with one of these books, and have left, very disappointed with their trip, vowing never to return again! Often the total cost of an excursion can be a lot more than if you had arranged it through your hotel, or a travel agent, and a lot less enjoyable. UK and Japanese travellers should be extra careful, as you will be used to traffic driving on the left.

Plus, some traders may try to insist that they meant $ or A?, instead of LE, if they see that you are carrying them. Some reliefs have depictions that show male genitalia a€“ this is not pornography, so there is no reason to be offended!
So why does almost every tour company have packages that combine a Nile cruise with a visit to Cairo? The heat of the sun, added to physical exertion, can have a damaging effect on the body and so it is best to be able to rest, even in the sun, to allow your body time to repair itself; hence the cruise. This is because experience has shown us that more people suffer from stomach problems on sub-5 star cruises and so, because we want you to enjoy every possible minute of your trip, we just refuse to book these cruises.
This may sound like a stupid thing to say, but that schedule has been composed to help you and can hold many hidden ideas for you.
This heat is slowly given out into the actual tombs, which gradually become hotter and hotter. Though the site is open all day long, it is strongly advised to visit it in the forenoon as the afternoon sun is too hot for most tourists to endure.
This is okay in many parts of the world but they may find a problem with doing this in Egypt.
The rest of the first day is free, depending on your arrival time, which will allow for relaxation after your flight.
Once you have completed your visit here you will be driven to see the Citadel of Saladin, built to protect the fledgling settlement, which became Cairo, from the Saracens. The next day you will be flown to Aswan, where you will have a private tour of the Aswan High Dam and the Temples of Philae, before embarking on a 3 night Nile cruise, which will allow you to enjoy the temples of Kom Ombo and Edfu whilst en route to Luxor. The next day has you travelling slightly further south of Cairo to see, and enter if you wish, the Red Pyramid at Dashur and then the neighbouring Bent Pyramid. The next morning you will be transferred to a hotel in Luxor and this will allow you to either have time to relax, or the possibility of returning to Luxor’s West Bank to see some more ancient sites or to be taken to Dendera and Abydos, 2 places rich with Pharaonic history.
This final point is very important as it allows you to get a rapport with the guide, something large groups cannot do so easily, and this means that you feel more relaxed, allowing for you to ask those vexing questions you have always wanted to know the answer to, something you may find hard to do in the company of strangers.
This allows you to get the best available flights, which is a huge asset if you are travelling on a budget. And she had several tips (and funny stories) on how to avoid RyanAir’s many Spirit Airline-like fees. In fact, one agent is so strict about enforcement that frequent travelers have given her a nickname and warnings to other travelers to avoid being in her line if possible.
She and her mom are both petite, so the image them donning the first things that came to hand, including clothing purchased for male relatives, was pretty funny.
They reflect the best prices found through our search engines during the last 5 days and they correspond to one-way flights, or the arithmetic half of return flights for an adult in tourist class, with departure date within the following 45 days from the current date.
This is not your full baggage allowance, rather a measure to reduce strains and injuries among baggage handling staff. Creating an added worry and inconvenience of seeking a way to check in and print your boarding pass for your return flight? A small mirror, such as the one in a ladies make-up, can also be used to highlight a relief.
No every 4 star cruise does this, there are many superb cruises of this standard, but we simply will not put our customer’s health at risk. Add to this the heat generated by human bodies and it is quite obvious that by the end of the day, the valley is filled with little ovens, waiting to bake the next intake. Some shade is provided inside the temples, but there is a long walk from the bus stop and another one on the way back. This is followed by a historical tour of Coptic Cairo to see some of the churches built by the Coptic Christians, as well as the museum that houses many of their artefacts. Upon arrival in Luxor you will be taken to see The Valley of the Kings, the Temple of Hatshepsut, the Colossi of Memnon, Luxor Temple and the huge Temple of Karnak, before having your final night on the boat. Once this is completed you will be driven back to your hotel, so that you can prepare for your flight to Aswan then following morning. After you have had your nights relaxation in the hotel you will be flown back to Cairo, where you will be able to see the Egyptian Museum, the Citadel of Saladin, the Coptic churches and Museum, and finally the Khan El-Khalili. Obviously this is something that companies who only offer large group visits cannot offer.
We had a long flight to kill and I was really interested, so she updated me on recent events and walked me through what the current, improved booking process is like. Take a note of the hotel’s name and telephone number, in case you do get lost, or change your plans. Please Note: Do not take one of the really bright halogen torches; you could cause damage to the monuments!
The day is rounded off with a visit to the Khan El-Khalili, where you can get the opportunity to buy those presents that you promised everyone, as well as a few mementos for yourself. The next day you are flown back to Cairo and can spend your last day in relaxation before your departure on the following day.
Upon arrival you will be met and transferred to a hotel in the city before being taken to see the Aswan High Dam and the Temples of Philae.
One last night in a hotel and you will be transferred back to the airport for your departure.
Ryanair offers a discounted checked baggage fee for those travellers paying online in advance. Upon completion you have the opportunity to explore this ancient city before returning to your hotel. Passengers who wish to check-in baggage do not qualify for online check-in and must check in at the airport and pay the appropriate airport check-in fee. Our check in pal experts provide an independent online check in help service by completing the whole process for you and deliver your boarding pass to any global destination. Similar to the budget carrier Ryanair, Wizz Air prefers to fly to smaller, secondary airports outside of larger cities.Online check-in Web check-in is available from 14 days to 3 hours before scheduled flight departure.
Here at check in Pal we understand that there are many reasons for passengers to require our check in assistance service; even more so, now airlines are moving to 100% online check-in, and subsequently issuing substantial fees at the Airport for having not checked in.
If you want to check-in at the airport you will have to choose that option during booking and pay a fee of €10. If you do not pay this fee and arrive at the airport without your boarding pass you will be charged a higher fee of €20 to check-in. Passengers who have checked-in online and are traveling with checked baggage, must present themselves at the baggage drop-off counter at least 40 minutes before scheduled flight departure. If you arrive at the bag drop-off counter and you do not have your printed boarding pass you will have to pay a €40 boarding pass re-issue fee.All Wizz Air passengers must present valid travel documents at check-in. Passengers flying within the EU with non-EU travel documents must present themselves at the Wizz Air check-in desks to have their documents checked and stamped before flying. Non-EU passengers without the stamp will not be allowed to board.Checked baggage allowance To check baggage with Wizz Air there is an extra fee. Prices are significantly lower when you pay for checked luggage online instead of at the airport. For exact pricing information, visit the Wizz Air website.Cabin luggage allowance All passengers are allowed one small piece of cabin baggage to fit under the seat in front of them with maximum dimensions 42 x 32 x 25cm. We strongly recommend that you contact your airline or the relevant airport to confirm any flight information before traveling or making any decisions as Holiday Extras does not take responsibility for this information, offers no guarantees as to its accuracy and does not accept liability for any losses incurred as a result of you relying on this information.
If staff is saying that they sell train tickets for train they should change right away my ticket for a later time and not laugh in my face saying that is not possible. Queued for over an hour to drop off bags-security was massive queue-had to be let through to catch flight.

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