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I have 2006 Model Yamaha 50Hp (3 cyl), which starts well and runs well at normal and full speed. Sorry, unfortunatly I don't have a compression checker and live in a remote area where I cannot procure one. Thanks,That was the method, which I used to perform my tests.By removing Plug Wire on Number 1, replacing it and then removing Number 2 plug wire and then Number 3. Without a workshop manual, I am little concerned with my ability to correctly pull down and put back together the Carbs correctly.

Ok I will try - It would help if I had access to this chapter of the workshop manual so I don't make a mistake. Yours is a very interesting question because believe it or not, the Yamaha Banshee’s suspension platform, which was fairly run-of-the-mill when introduced back in 1987, is extremely antiquated in comparison to most of the modern four-stroke offerings available (including the KFX450R you test rode). That being said, if you are still looking for relatively less-complex suspension like the Banshee but insist on a 4-stroke, check into the (first generation) Yamaha Raptor 660R, Bombardier DS650, and the Honda 400EX. Immaculat KLR650, this bike is mint, comes with full reg, RWC, Panniers and top bag included. So my question is what are some 4 stroke quads with suspension as good as a Banshee’s that won’t rape my wallet?

Does the engine die or is there no change in the engine speed?Replace number 1 cylinder plug wire and do the same with the next 2 cylinders.

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