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With so much going for it, no wonder that most of us hate to part with our favorite T-shirts. To help you hold onto those old T-shirts a little bit longer, we’ve gathered more than 40 amazingly easy ways to refurbish, reuse or refashion them.
I am a Momma Hear Me Roar offers a truly simple tutorial for making headbands from old T-shirts.
We love this clever re-use idea from Delia Creates that turns an old T-shirt into a braided belt.
These whimsical pom-poms from Craftaholics Anonymous are great for adding color to any room.
Macrame is back and this easy craft from Walk in Love will make you wonder why it ever went away. Next time you pick up a brightly color T-shirt, grab an extra one to make a matching pair of shoes. Rescue a pretty print by reconstructing a boxy T-shirt into a feminine knit top with help from Fine and Feathered.
Long fringe and a row or two of loose knots give this reconstructed T-shirt from Pop Champagne a free-spirited look. For articles of clothing that have just reached the end of the line and can’t be upcycled you can see our list of 200+ items of what can be recycled in a common household.
Quick and easy, these free printable photobooth props will make your next get-together a hit with your guests. Slipping into the soft weave of a jersey knit can take us back in time to childhood, our first rock concert or the summer we fell in love with hot pink. In about a half-hour you can try finger knitting and the Josephine knot to see which one you like best.

Plus, the finished bands are so cute that no one will ever guess you made them in two minutes. Once you perfect the four-strand braiding technique, it can be used in many different projects. In her easy headband tutorial, she uses fabric dye to paint on an ombre effect for a splash of color. The style is on trend and the fabric is lightweight, so you can show it off for the next few months. It’s perfect for smaller T-shirts and you can whip one up in about five minutes with the instructions from Leethal.
This baby skirt from Generation T is a smart way to use up all the T-shirt scraps you’ll have leftover from making the other projects. Alpha Mom shows how to weave a colorful piece of cloth that can be used to make dishrags, rugs, placemats and more.
My Home My Style shows how to stretch your favorite designs over canvas for a unique way to decorate.
Hang them from a mantle or on the door, they’ll last a lot longer than the tissue paper variety. Start with T-shirt strips, then twist, knot and tie your way to a beautiful hanging planter.
Using the same braiding technique as you used for the belt, you can make a comfortable cotton strap for an old pair of sandals.
This crafty idea from Killed by Crafts can be used in combination with many of the T-shirt tutorials below.
Uncommon Designs Online shows 15 minutes is all it takes to make a shirt that will stand out from the crowd.

This cropped tank from La Vie en Rose is perfect for layering and it only takes a few snips of the scissors make something fabulous. It’s about time we gals got in on the action! Rabbit Food For My Bunny Teeth shows how.
Trash To Couture shows where to cut and what to sew to achieve this piece of effortless fashion. Skip the neck detail if you prefer not to sew, either way this top from Ruby Murrays Musings can be finished in less than an hour.
This no-sew tutorial from WobiSobi will turn your husband’s oversize T-shirt into a formfitting top fit for a night on the town. This 10-minute craft from Creating Laura looks nice with a plain T-shirt, but really pops on the sleeve of a striped or floral fabric. Once you’ve drawn the pattern, all you need to do is cut, cut, cut to create this delicate lacy T-shirt.
When the time comes, use this tutorial from The Practical Perfeccionista to keep your (formerly) long-sleeve tops around for another season.
Aside from its magical time-traveling abilities, T-shirt fabric has properties that make it an excellent source of upcycling potential. It’s the only thing you need for this quick T-shirt upcycling project from Cathie Filian.

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