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Generate Printable Subtraction Worksheets:One Digit - One Digit + One DigitYou can generate printable subtraction worksheets (one page of questions and one page of answers) with 8, 10 or 12 problems.
Generate Printable Subtraction Worksheets:One Digit - One Digit, Vertical FormatYou can generate printable subtraction worksheets (one page of questions and one page of answers) with 16 or 20 problems. Those that are against letter grades usually point to the stigma that comes with this type of system. Check out these articles on everything from preparing for the first day to dealing with homework woes, coping as a new teacher and ensuring smooth sailing for substitute teachers. Be sure to explore our 12 volumes of icebreakers and first day of school activities that help students and teachers get to know each other. On the first day of school, the first question in students' minds is, "Who are you?" Their second question is, "Who are they?" Students do better in class when they are comfortable, relaxed, and "at home." A very good reason to devote the lion's share of your first class period of the year to creating comfort. Each summer, teachers send home a list of supplies students will need during the upcoming school year. Staff scavenger hunts are a fun way to kick off the year and help new and returning faculty members get better acquainted.
Though the new school year may seem daunting on the first day, survival kits can help teachers and students feel welcome and inspire them to start the year on a positive note. Many teachers and administrators have started introducing themselves to parents and students before school starts. Resources for getting your feet on the ground, lesson planning tips, assessment ideas, time and behavior management resources, classroom freebies, technology information, humor, and much more!
Whether you're a nervous neophyte facing your first day of school or a skilled veteran facing another first day of school, The First Days of School: How to Be an Effective Teacher, by Harry and Rosemary Wong, is a must read. Parents at Northwood Elementary get involved in school academics by participating in a school book club that promotes fun and a love of reading. Whether you're a technology teacher or a classroom teacher interested in integrating technology, you can challenge and motivate your own students as they succeed with these back-to-school activities from the Education World Tech Team.
Each month, Education World provides a monthly calendar that teachers can use to help students practice essential skills. Teacher Martha Richardson includes a disposable camera on her students' supply list for the year -- in return, she gives parents a photographic record of their children's school year. Are you spending your evenings writing welcome letters to parents, creating calendars, ruling seating charts, designing award certificates, and stenciling learning center signs?
Across the grades and across the curriculum, teachers treasure the value of timelines -- and all the timeline resources you'll need are right at your fingertips! Wouldn't you love a simple, straightforward teaching tool that steers students away from trouble and into recess success? Three educators who searched for bulletin board ideas on the Web and found little have solved the problem for the rest of us!
Keep students reading all year long with a variety of reading-related activities from Education World.

If your students lack interest in your homework assignments, it may not be your students -- it may be the assignments! Moonrise, moonset moonphase usa – texas – houston, Calculations of moonrise, moonset and moonphase in usa – texas – houston for coming days. Moon calendar 2016, Watch the moon calendar in august 2016 per day, for example the full moon. 2015 moon phases - calendar-12., A complete list moon phases dates 2015 year, exact hours . Moon phases york, usa - york year 2016, The moon phase calculator shows exact times moon phases york, usa - york year 2016 locations years.. As a bonus, site members have access to a banner-ad-free version of the site, with print-friendly pages.Click here to learn more.
It goes back to the basic mathematical equation; you can weigh assignments differently, but still use the same system.
Also, as parents who grew up with letter grades, the rubrics can be difficult to understand.
Armed with a list of descriptions, staff members "hunt" for a person who matches each item on the list.
Included: Online resources for a variety of back-to-school planning needs, including welcome letters, bulletin board ideas, and back-to-school activities.
Some have even provide "survival kits," to help students weather the first few days of school. Although the calendar still says summer, the first day of school is just days away for many American educators.
Education World has gathered 20 great resources from our archive that offer advice, tips, and resources all principals should have at their fingertips. But Education World's "Principal Files" team offers some great ideas for school-wide events that are sure to draw parents in large numbers. Included: Tips for starting a book club in your school plus resources that describe the benefits of reading!
Regular practice will keep students' skills from getting rusty -- and should improve test scores too! What do you do when every day is interrupted by at least a few transitions that never seem to fit into the natural rhythm of your lessons? His Web site, Caring Teachers, and his free e-mail newsletter offer caring teachers a forum for connecting and networking.
This week, Education World talked with teachers who use daily journal writing in their classrooms. Patrick's Day subtraction activity book in which the readers solves a series of subtraction problems and then does a letter substitution in order to answer St. Our school spends a great deal of time acclimating parents and students who are new to the district in an attempt to educate them on the use of the rubrics.slide 3 of 7slide 4 of 7Learner's ProfileIn the above learner's profile (fancy term for grade card!), you'll see that the two subjects listed are broken down into skill sets.

Noted educator Howard Seeman corrects that oversight with his back-to-school list for the well-equipped teacher.
There is no better time than now to look back at some of the best articles from the Education World archive!
Included: Fund-raising ideas, recess success resources, parent involvement strategies, and much more.
Anything that may harm a child's confidence is seen as a negative.slide 2 of 7RubricsWhen I first began teaching years ago, I had never even heard of a rubric.
So instead of getting a letter grade for the first quarter in reading, the teacher writes a number for each skill in order to rate the student's progress.
Included: Students discover their learning strengths, create magnificent works of art, have fun following directions, more! Included: Icebreaker activities, classroom management tips, quick activity ideas when you have five minutes to spare, and much more.
If you find yourself confronting such problems while grading papers, your students may not be paying attention to directions. Although most successful students recognize the importance of reading instructions thoroughly and following them, some students may master the skill slowly.
This system gives parents more information about the particulars of a subject and may help focus on particular weaknesses a student may have. Education World provides five intriguing lessons to help your students read, write, follow, and even evaluate directions. Some for specific subjects or projects, while others also use them on grade cards in place of letter grades.
The black box gives explanations of each marking, helping to reinforce the meanings of each. With this particular system, the goal is to reach Achieving (ACH) by the end of the year in each listed benchmark.slide 5 of 7slide 6 of 7Reader's RubricIn the above reader's rubric, a teacher can give parents specific information on a student's reading progress.
Again, instead of the child bringing home a "B" on an assignment, the teacher will circle where the student falls for each specific skill. When a student brings home this rubric throughout the year, parents can see where the student is progressing and where they need work. Students are expected to reach Achieving by the end of the school year in each listed benchmark.slide 7 of 7Which System is Most Beneficial?This is a loaded question.
In my particular situation with my children, I would like to see an overall letter grade with a small breakdown of specific benchmarks that can fall on a rubric. The letter grade gives you a better overall picture of performance, but the rubrics can show a picture of where a student's strengths and weaknesses are.

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