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The Hybrid RAV4 will be offered in the 5-door configuration only and is due to start rolling into North American and European showrooms around 2012. Okay, the UK specs of Nissan’s stylish 370Z may not be of great use to Australian readers, but the car looks pretty damn good and these details will give an indication of what to expect when the new Zed hits the Australian market in May.
NOTE: Australian readers can see the 370Z for themselves at the upcoming Melbourne International Motor Show (27 February–9 March). As with its predecessor, the 370Z will be available in an uncomplicated grade structure to simplify the ordering process which commences online from Monday 2nd February. GT Pack priced at ?30195 gets 19” forged RAYS alloy wheels, heated seats trimmed in black suede and leather, a six-CD Bose audio system with eight speakers, cruise control, speed limiter and Synchro Rev Control; a new innovation that automatically matches the revs, during up and down-shifts, with the manual gearbox, making gear changes faster and smoother.
Topping the range and priced at ?31895 is the GT Ultimate which includes Persimmon suede leather along with a DVD satellite navigation system with full European mapping covering 33 countries and voice guidance in seven languages.
As well as the introduction of the Synchro Rev Control to the six-speed manual gearbox, the 370Z is now offered with a new 7-speed automatic priced at ?1400. Metallic paint is the only other option available for ?450 and with this you also get Nissan’s Scratch Shield Paint*, which, thanks to its advanced resin coat, automatically repairs the light scratches and blemishes which are typically collected by light stone chips. Customers and enthusiasts are also encouraged to visit Nissan’s dedicated new micro-site for the car, where they can register their interest in the car, see images and films and download the 370Z Widget to their desktop, which will automatically update them with news and developments.
Compared with the outgoing 350Z, the new 370Z now sports a shorter wheelbase, greater use of lightweight body materials resulting in a weight reduction of 32kg, updated engine with more horsepower, all of which combine to improve its agility and responsiveness. As its new moniker suggests, the new 370Z is now powered by a 3.7-litre VQ37VHR engine with VVEL (Variable Valve Event and Lift). Inside, buyers will welcome the removal of the rear strut brace (replaced with less intrusive structural reinforcements) and the addition of a new “shelf” area behind the seats, creating an ideal storage area. Life on board has been improved thanks to the addition of an engine start and stop button, larger diameter dials and the use of soft touch materials on the instrument panel, stitching on the centre console, leather and suede on the seats and doors, as well as a black roof lining (depending on grade).

Technical and performance figures will be released once European Homologation has been completed.
Perhaps someone should be asking Toyota why they pulled the plug on their 100% pure battery RAV4 EV a number of years ago?
As to be expected with any new Japanese sportscar there is some pretty nifty technology inside the 370Z. Hands free operation is possible with voice recognition which also integrates with the MP3 compatible audio system. It is equipped with Downshift Rev Matching (DRM) and is designed to offer quick, manual-like shifting when operated in manual mode, using either the gear selector or paddles behind the steering wheel. New features such as Synchro Rev Control, which matches revs automatically on gear changes for the 6 speed manual, are sure to delight the boy racer inside all of us.
In automatic mode, the driver can relax and let the gearbox change gear, reacting to the driving style to choose the most appropriate shift-mapping.
Along with its larger displacement, the new engine gives better power delivery all the way to the 7,500rpm redline, improved low-end power and more high-end torque. When the paint is scratched, over a period of several days the resin will return to its original form, thereby ‘healing’ itself and restoring the appearance of the paint to its original condition. The 7 speed auto also has a similar feature, well actually, it’s probably pretty much the same thing, but Nissan have called it something new anyway, Downshift Rev Matching.
While those opting for the optional 19″ RAYS forged alloy wheels will encourage nods of approval from the JDM crowd. After sampling the very good 2017 Audi Q7 a few months ago and realizing what an excellent job Audi did in reducing weight and creating a very competent driving machine.
The SQ7 TDI has outstanding off-the-line performance because that torque is available between 1,000 rpm.

From a standstill, the Audi accelerates with the mind-blowing ferocity you’d expect from a supercar. At idle there’s quite a menacing burble from the four tailpipes, and it becomes more violent as you go through the the rev range. There’s surely some trickery going on with the car’s speakers to amplify the noise, but it sounds fantastic and is utterly convincing.
It corners pretty flat and the engine has plenty of power to push on to the next bend and beyond.
Fast sweepers are favored instead of really tight turns as the Audi still weighs almost 5,000 lb, but give it a tricky bend and the Audi remains composed and still surefooted. This is down to the but active anti-roll bars which stiffen the car enabling it to remain flat and very composed out of tight and fast corners. There is always traction thanks to the quattro four-wheel-drive system which controls all that power admirably.Once again Audi excels and set a new benchmark in the segment.
Diffuser vent wrap and application strips emphasize the horizontality and spaciousness of the interior. The SQ7 TDI boasts elegant design solutions in the interior, including analogue instruments with gray faces and white needles, special welcome screens and S badges.In Europe, the Audi SQ7 TDI is already available, we are still waiting for Audi US to make the decision. Our readership consists of driving enthusiasts and consumers, who are searching for the very latest and most reliable information to make informed decisions on the cars they are interested in.

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