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This car shipping document will be handed over from the driver to consumer; it is extremely important that the owner or the person who will receive the vehicle reads the document and verifies that all the information is accurate. To avoid any disagreements we recommend washing the vehicle before the car carrier or shipping company takes it.
It is very important that both parties inspect the vehicle together and both agree on what will be on the condition report.
If the transport company doesn’t fill out this report you can submit your car moving reviews on our website and share your experience with our community.

Visiting our auto moving reviews site can lead you to the best car shipping companies anywhere in Canada. This is filled out when the vehicle is picked up and dropped off by the car shipping company. This is a very important tool in-case there is damage done to the vehicle in the transportation process. It is to specify the condition of the vehicle that will be transported at the time of the pick-up and drop-off.

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