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You're now logged in as and will receive alerts when price changes, new offers become available or a vehicle is sold. Please provide your email address to begin receiving price alerts at home, at work, and on your phone! News update from the NZ Transport Agency Rail Safety team for the rail industry and safety assessors.
John Smith and his team from Christchurch Tramway have gained the contract to operate trams on a 1.6km loop in the Wynyard Quarter of Auckland's waterfront.
Just a quick reminder that all assessment responses are to be sent to the assessor and copied to your client manager at the NZTA. From time to time the Rail Systems team hears about rail activities that are occurring despite the operator not having the required rail licence to perform those rail movements as defined in the Railways Act 2005.
If you are aware of any organisation or individual who falls into this category could you please inform them of their legal obligations or notify the Rail Systems team (our contact information is detailed on the back of this newsletter) and we can assist them through the process.
You also require a rail licence if your railway has a gauge of 550mm or greater between the rails, laid for the purposes of transporting people or goods by rail. Once the Rail Systems team is aware of the pending rail operation we will contact the organisation or individual and email them a rail licence application form, which must be returned to us completely filled out accompanied by the rail licence fee and safety case.
Many of you will be aware that I have recently signed off on a request for rail licence holders to submit to the NZTA an annual Safety Performance Report (SPR).
In most part we have received positive feedback and the industry understands the benefits of collating such data.
I'll start with the 'technically correct response' and state that it is a requirement of the Railways Act 2005 (external link) [refer to sections 30 (1) (h) and 21 (2) (c)] to supply such data to the NZTA. The benefit of the SPR is not just external, but would assist the rail participant in strategic planning. It is not a requirement of the assessment process to report on analysis and strategic planning data. The SPR is the rail licence holder's opportunity to describe from your perspective how you have managed safety over the 12-month period and what initiatives are being taken to ensure continuous improvement into the future. It also gives you the opportunity to express to the NZTA any general comments or suggestions on matters of rail safety that we might like to consider in the wider context of the rail industry within New Zealand or that might be of interest internationally. All rail licence holders and safety assessors will have received an invitation to attend one of the seminars being hosted by the NZTA Rail Safety team during August and September. We will be discussing with you some key concepts we are focusing on at present, and how we can work together to further improve the collective safety of the rail industry. If you were not aware of an invitation being received by your organisation and would like to ensure you have a representative(s) there, please in the first instance check with other members of your organisation who may have received the invitation.
Any corrections to email contacts should also be advised to your client manager, so we can keep our database accurate and up-to-date. We look forward to seeing you out and about at a seminar near you over the next couple of months.
These days, all correspondence is filed in an electronic storage system here at the NZTA, so sending your letters, files or reports electronically saves us a bit of time. Supercheck - A comprehensive inspection for Pre-purchase, End of Warranty or Owner’s Report. We accept payment via phone by credit card or direct debit, as well as onsite payment by credit card, debit card or cash. After payment has been received the Inspection Report can be emailed, posted or left with the vehicle in a sealed envelope.
We are not authorised to carry out Roadworthy Inspections for re-licensing or sticker removal.
It is highly important to a professional driver to develop and utilize a checklist in order to drive a car over a distance. Preparation for the air vacation is actually the beginning of the trip, because when you start planning, it gives you a thrill of anticipation. You car should be equipped with a kit which includes a flashlight, reflective triangle, blanket, a two-liter bottle of sweet water, cell phone and compatible charger, and first aid kit. Fire extinguisher: check the presence of fire extinguisher in your car (this is one of the most critical requirements in any program). First aid kit: make sure your first aid kit has all necessary items and does not contain any expired medicines (this is one of the most important tips).
Mirrors: make sure you can clearly see cars, people and obstacles reflecting behind your car in the mirrors. Hand brake: check if the hand brake of your car works fine and there is no backlash when using it.
Steering wheel: make sure the alignment of wheels is smooth and there are no obstacles to steering. Oil system: make sure necessary levels of vehicle oil are met to avoid serious engine damage. Headlights: use the headlight switch handle to check if the front and back headlights of your car work in proper order.
Tail-lights: check if the tail-lights are clearly visible to vehicles and people behind you. Brake lights: make sure they work fine and drivers and people behind your car can clearly recognize them. Turn indicators: use the turn indicator switch handle to check if the front and back indicators work fine. If neglecting these documents, you are likely to be stopped on the road by the police and get at least a penalty. Instructions on policy: if you are an employed driver of a passenger traffic company and you are going to take some passengers with you, make sure they are aware of basic standards. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) has officially released the crash test results for the smart fortwo. ARLINGTON, VA - The Smart car is getting a lot of attention for its small size and style, and now it's earning impressive crash test ratings.
The Institute's test results generally demonstrate how well vehicles stack up against others of similar size and weight.

The Smart has a crashworthy design for its size and is equipped with the latest safety gear, which is especially important in a small car. Restraints do more of the work in frontal crashes: The Smart mostly lacks a front-end crush zone, which is a key component in reducing injury risk in serious frontal crashes. To compensate for the lack of front-end crush space, the Smart's restraint system does more of the work of absorbing energy as occupants "ride down" a crash.
A stiff side structure and standard side airbags contributed to the Smart's good rating in the side test, which replicates a crash with a pickup truck or SUV. People often choose very light cars for fuel economy, but "you don't have to buy the smallest, lightest car to get one that's easy on fuel consumption," Lund points out.
How the Smart was evaluated: The Institute's frontal crashworthiness evaluation is based on results of a 40 mph frontal offset crash test. The side evaluation is based on performance in a crash test in which the side of a vehicle is struck by a barrier moving at 31 mph. The all-new BMW 1 Series M Coupe is going to serve as the official Safety Car for the MotoGP events. The BMW 1 Series M safety car is a one-off built by BMW's M division specifically for the event.
Inside the rear seats have been deleted and a rollover cage that is bolted behind the B-pillar has been added.
The suspension has also been upgraded with an adjustable race track set-up that includes a sports-tuned chassis in which the dampers are independently adjustable for bump and rebound. At the curtain raiser on 19th March, the BMW 1 Series M Coupe will for the first time be deployed as the official Safety Car for the MotoGP events - in advance of its market launch late in April. In the interests of weight optimisation, the BMW Safety Car comes with a carbon fibre-reinforced bonnet featuring additional large air vents, as well as polycarbonate side and rear windows. The suspension technology of the BMW 1 Series M Coupe was specially adapted for the Safety Car. The deployment of the brand-new BMW 1 Series M Coupe Safety Car marks the continuation of BMW M GmbH's successful partnership - begun in 1999 - with Dorna Sports, the organisers of the MotoGP World Championship.
The track is currently under construction and two trams refurbished in Bendigo, Australia have arrived in the country and are now housed in the new tram depot. We have also taken the opportunity to discuss this report during our recent rail industry seminars. However, a few rail licence holders are yet to be convinced of the benefit(s) and have requested further information. It has also been noted in both internal and external reports that the NZTA is not receiving this information. For example, there is currently no information readily available to the NZTA to show in total how many passenger journeys are taken per annum across the industry. For a moment, in lieu of calling it the Safety Performance Report, call it 'conducting and documenting management review' (or something of that nature).
That is, it is a chance to look at the positives beyond assessments, as these only pick up non-compliances and safety system failures. Firstly the information will be used by the NZTA to make strategic decisions in rail regulation and licensing, freight efficiency, network optimisation and public transport activities.
The success of the seminars depends on your involvement, so come along willing to share your experiences so we can all learn together. However, if electronic mail is not available for your organisation 'snail mail' will still be answered! We are now called the Rail Systems team and are working in the Delivery part of the Access and Use group.
This inspection is recommended if you are happy with the appearance of the bodywork and the function of the electrical items, as they are not included in this check.
Try CentriQS complete task management solution for planning, tracking and reporting tasks, projects, and schedules. Use this Vehicle Safety Checklist to find out more about standards to avert any potential accident due to vehicle damage.
To pass this test, you can turn the tail-lights on and go out from your garage to see the car at a distance. As official statistics shows, low tire pressure level becomes one of the most critical factors affecting steerability of cars, so check the pressure before driving. Call a vulcanizing service office or personally take the broken tire to the nearest vulcanizing service station. The car received a "good" rating (highest possible) for side and frontal impacts and an "acceptable" rating for rear impacts. In recent Insurance Institute for Highway Safety tests, the 2008 Smart Fortwo, the smallest car for sale in the US market, earned the top rating of good for front and side crash protection.
Weighing about 1,800 pounds, the Smart is more than 3 feet shorter and almost 700 pounds lighter than a Mini Cooper.
Frontal ratings can't be compared across weight classes, meaning a small car that earns a good rating isn't safer than a large car that's rated less than good. This vehicle's standard equipment includes seat-mounted combination side airbags designed to protect both the heads and chests of the driver and passenger.
Typically, front-end structures are designed to crush and absorb crash energy, allowing occupant compartments to slow more gradually, ideally with little or no intrusion into drivers' survival space.
Injury forces recorded on the driver dummy's head, neck, torso, pelvis, and left leg all were low. In every category of passenger vehicle (car, SUV, or pickup truck), the risk of death is higher in crashes of smaller, lighter models. A vehicle's overall evaluation is based on measurements of intrusion into the occupant compartment, injury measures recorded on a Hybrid III dummy in the driver seat, and analysis of slow-motion film to assess how well the restraint system controlled dummy movement during the test.
Starting points are measurements of head restraint geometry - the height of a restraint and its horizontal distance behind the back of the head of an average-size man. The only elements taken from the production model are the 340-hp turbocharged engine and the entire drivetrain. The two front seats have 6-point safety belts and the steering wheel is covered in alcantara. The motorcycle road racing world championship - or MotoGP - ranks among the world's most popular and spectacular sporting events.

A special lightweight titanium race exhaust system not only saves weight but also delivers a captivating sound for the benefit of the spectators. A rollover cage bolted behind the B-pillar, the absence of rear seats, two racing bucket seats with 6-point safety belts, an M steering wheel in alcantara and a fire extinguisher are all standard in the Safety Car.
Its high-performance suspension system boasts an adjustable race track set-up that includes a sports-tuned chassis in which the dampers are independently adjustable for bump and rebound. With a fleet of eight vehicles, BMW is supporting the safe running of the motorcycle world championship in the current race season. Full instructions on responding to report findings are contained in the recently issued assessment report template. However, enforcing compliance for the sake of compliance is not the intent of the Railways Act; neither does it fit with the culture of the Rail Systems team. If it were, this information could be broken down and would be valuable when making strategic decisions in relation to passenger transport.
Think of it as an opportunity to review the effectiveness of your (safety) management systems. Secondly, we will be able to share with the rail industry applicable data, safety initiatives (non-commercial) and facts of interest.
We appreciate that for a variety of reasons not everyone is able to make it to a seminar, so we are looking at ways to ensure those people and organisations will have access to the material in due course. Increase productivity of your small business or office by better organizing your employees' tasks and time.
Institute president Adrian Lund stated that normally bigger and heavier cars are the safest types of cars on the road, but the smart's engineers did their work to make sure the small smart is a very safe car.
It weighs about a third as much as one of the heaviest vehicles the Institute has tested, the BMW X5, a midsize SUV.
Also standard is electronic stability control (ESC), called electronic stability program in the Smart.
Then a vehicle's safety belts and airbags slow occupants further and are designed to spread crash forces more evenly across people's bodies. This indicates the test dummy used up all of the available ride down room in the Smart's interior. For vehicles 1-3 years old during 2006, minicars experienced 106 driver deaths per million registered vehicles compared with 69 driver deaths in large cars. Ratings reflect injury measures recorded on an instrumented SID-IIs dummy in the driver seat, assessment of head protection countermeasures, and the vehicle's structural performance during the impact. Seats with good or acceptable restraint geometry are tested dynamically using a dummy that measures forces on the neck.
The involvement of BMW M GmbH in motorcycle racing's top-echelon event now enters its 13th year. Complementing the discreet spoiler lip on the boot lid there is now an adjustable rear wing to provide the requisite downforce. As well as the official BMW 1 Series M Coupe Safety Car, this year sees two further reserve Safety Cars from BMW M GmbH present at the track: a BMW X6 M and a BMW M3. You will be able to review what has been successful and where you should target your continuous improvement initiatives over the next 12 months and years ahead. A final version will be sent out after your feedback has been considered and will also be attached to the next newsletter.
As the price of fuel climbs and tougher federal fuel economy requirements kick in, auto companies are expected to introduce more small vehicles to the market.
The longer the front-end crush structure of a vehicle, the more gently occupants are slowed and thus protected from injury. This confirms a finding of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's side test of a Smart released last month. This test simulates a collision in which a stationary vehicle is struck in the rear at 20 mph. It features a carbon fiber reinforced bonnet with additional air vents in addition to polycarbonate side and rear windows. To ensure the safety of the practice runs and the race itself, BMW M GmbH is providing the official Safety Car along with a raft of other high-performance vehicles for use by the Dorna Sports management team and IRTA officials. On the Safety Car the aerodynamically honed front apron with its precisely defined air ducting, including Air Curtains, features an additional splitter integrated on the underside of the apron.
Vehicle height is variably selectable and the camber of the front and rear axle can be altered to suit the circuit topography.
In addition, the organising team has been given a BMW X5 M for the Safety Officer and a BMW ActiveHybrid X6 for the stewards.
It engages automatically when it senses vehicle instability, and Institute research has found that ESC lowers the risk of fatal single-vehicle crashes by about half.
The Institute downgraded the Smart's structural rating from good to acceptable, but the opening didn't appear to affect dummy movement during the test, and injury measures on the driver dummy were low.
Seats without good or acceptable geometry are rated poor overall because they can't be positioned to protect many people.
The exhaust system is made of a lightweight titanium and a new lip spoiler provides more downforce.
The braking system of the BMW 1 Series M Coupe, already designed for extremely high demands, is replaced in the Safety Car with a six-piston fixed-calliper racing brake system. Additionally, we have supplied a copy of the NZ Police level crossing complaint form below. Still, doors shouldn't unlatch because in some crashes it could allow partial or complete occupant ejection, especially if an occupant is unbelted. There will also be two Safety Bikes contributing to the safe running of race weekends: a BMW S 1000 RR and a BMW HP2 Sport. The ceremonial handover of the vehicles took place at BMW M in Garching-HochbrA?ck on 28th February 2011.
It was on this occasion that Dr Kay Segler, Director of BMW M GmbH, and Carmelo Ezpeleta, CEO Dorna Sports, made an advance announcement that the successful partnership would be extended until 2016, before sealing the agreement in a signing ceremony.

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