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Will it be third time lucky for Mazda with its all-new third generation super frugal low emission Mazda3?
This third generation model of Mazda’s medium-sized family car went on sale in UK showrooms in January and enters the hotly contested C-segment where it competes head-on against the likes of the Ford Focus, Vauxhall Astra and the equally new Peugeot 308.
Mazda has often had a good offering in this segment, stretching all the way back to the 323, and has achieved respectable sales by appealing to customers looking for something different; an alternative to the mainstream offerings. As a brand Mazda is clearly back in contention having launched the well received CX-5 SUV and new generation Mazda6 as it moves to refresh its model line-up. To find out what the Mazda3 has got to offer dealers and customers, Motor Trader is running a 2.0-litre petrol 120PS SE-L Nav model over the coming months.
The car is new from the ground up and boasts the family face of the Mazda6 with grille and lights linked by a neat chrome strip, which when combined with the LED daytime running lights, give an upmarket look. The quality feel continues inside with a stylish dashboard featuring a 7 inch touch-screen display and BMW-style i-Drive selector – or Multimedia Commander – which controls everything from Bluetooth and Sat Nav to the internet radio Curiously, though, the screen does not retract. The ride is comfortable with a set-up well judged for cross town traffic – where the iStop kicks in to save fuel and cut emissions – and motorway driving.
But, what potentially lifts this car above some of its rivals is Mazda’s SkyActiv technology. Our first full month of real world driving, with the iStop permanently switched on and gears dutifully changed when instructed, has yet to crack the 50mpg barrier with a running average of 40.1mpg.
It enters a crowded sector but, on its initial showing on the Motor Trader fleet, it offers a compelling alternative to the established competition, especially if it delivers on its fuel economy promise. Comments (Nov 11, 2011) Halford said: really glad you're both OK, I love my 2007 Jimny but it does highlight one's vulnerability especially with the hit'n'miss airbag system - wonder if they'd go-off with a full roll-cage and steel bumpers ? GM has accumulated nearly 5 million kilometres of real-world driving in a fleet of 119 hydrogen fuel cell vehicles since 2007. Today we’ll be taking a look at an energy storage medium that’s very much in the news at the moment, with various auto-manufacturers announcing hydrogen-powered vehicles, fuel cells increasingly being used for off-grid energy supply and back-up, and innovations in the production of hydrogen. The current star of the electric vehicle (EV) show, at least in terms of media coverage, is Tesla Motors, a company that uses packs of multiple Panasonic lithium-ion batteries that would otherwise be destined for laptops.
Meanwhile, the Nissan Leaf and Chevy Volt lead the field commercially with more than 80,000 vehicles sold jointly in the US since launching in 2010. What if the future of electric car motoring is hydrogen fuel cells, not conventional chemical batteries, despite the fact that this has been the technology of choice for EVs for over a century, whereas only very limited numbers of fuel cell road vehicles have been released in the US so far… and these are mainly for testing purposes rather than retail sales? Despite their current scarcity, there are several reasons why battery EVs might one day be trumped by fuel cell vehicles (FCVs). Another technical advantage of fuel cells over the current crop of batteries is their ability to power larger, higher power vehicles such as buses. Another aspect may be fear of flammability: people are rightly, or otherwise, cautious of the gas that fuelled the Hindenburg and the R101, so safety considerations are bound to add to the cost. This entry was posted in Fuel Cells, Hydrogen and tagged Daimler, General Motors, Honda, Nissan, Tesla by Energy Storage Report. Sales last year were up 19% and the Mazda3 is already helping power the brand’s impressive 38% year on year sales increase in 2014.
Indeed, take a look at the front of the car in profile and it’s more Germanic than Japanese; there’s even a cheeky shark’s fin roof aerial. The steering is pin sharp through the bends, nicely weighted for motorway runs and light for parking manoeuvres.

But, more importantly, Mazda claims it can achieve 55.4mpg in the combined cycle – that’s a diesel challenging level of frugality which could pay dividends at the pumps. The engine initially revs high, at around 1000rpm, when setting off from cold as it works hard to heat up the catalytic converter as quickly as possible. The BVRLA study – the biggest ever investigation regarding the grey fleet sector – has discovered grey fleet vehicles account for around 14 million cars in the UK, which is approximately 40% of vehicles on the road. I was trapped in the car, looking at the roof and shattered (but still holding) windscreen glass. General Motors (GM) has announced it plans to outsmart and out-compete Elon Musk’s company by offering vehicles with specially designed energy packs.
One way it and its competitors are dipping a toe in the pond is by collaborating in fuel cell research.
As for the cars themselves, only the Nissan Clarity and Mercedes F Cell are currently for sale in the US, with the Hyundai iX35 scheduled for production in 2015. These include speed of refuelling and range, which are significant barriers to the mass adoption of EVs. Long-distance travel depends on a widespread refueling network, however… but we’ll deal with that later. Initial thought would be the lack of a hydrogen infrastructure; why would car companies and their customers invest in cars with few and far refueling points?
According to a recent Navigant report, it’s capital costs that will be the real barrier to adoption.
So if the future for the mobile fuel cell economy looks uncertain, what about the other uses of the technology? This is a car designed with European buyers in mind, which should make it an easier sell for dealers. The official line is that it wanted to concentrate on producing lightweight, low emission and fuel efficient engines. Once warmed up the system settles down and the iStop is activated automatically for the next stop. For those not familiar with the term, grey fleet relates to personal vehicles that are also used for business purposes.
Since then, the rise out of the doldrums has been steadfast and surefooted. The current economic climate is slowly gaining its lost sunshine. In fact, if fuel cells are to beat batteries on the road, it may not initially be through powering a sedan or a station wagon. To address the issue of hydrogen infrastructure, GM has claimed that in the US, at least, 70% of the population lives within a few miles of a commercial hydrogen source. The analysis predicts a measly 1,000 vehicles sold in 2015, but with sales taking off somewhat to 2m units a year from 2030. It was a clean sheet approach that has resulted in the SkyActiv range of petrol and diesel engines fitted to all new generation Mazdas from the CX-5 and Mazda6 onwards.
On cold mornings this process can take several minutes to complete and requires attention at low speeds when the engine can feel a little too lively. With economies gaining pace, the auto sector is steering through potholes of problems thanks to the suspension system called stimulus.As if a way to commemorate the power of resilience over recession, the designers at Volkswagen designed the Polo.
Daimler and Ford have also got together for a fuel cell future with the Automotive Fuel Cell Cooperation Corp. (AFCC for short).

Lifting vehicles such as forklift trucks have been used commercially, although these also rely on internal combustion engines.
While this may not be the idea behind the design, the car exudes an aura of solidity and resurgence, much like its older sibling, the Golf.(Click on the Pictures to view Larger Images)The Polo looks Scirocco-ish, serious and sober. Kind strangers got her out and laid her on top of me for comfort, which worked, and the ambulance cut me out of the car. Although it doesn’t exactly get the hair on the back of your neck to stand up, it has a scent of nonchalant cool. I had bruises and cuts, my baby had a graze on her left temple a€“ I presume from a toy that had flown around in the accident. Like the reserved cowboy sipping his drink in a bar full of loud baddies.Through the gleaming chrome bar on the grille and a shiny VW logo, the Polo subtly yells ‘bring it on’. Stylish, yet subtle.With muscular wheel arches and a flattish appearance, the Polo’s stance is euro-chic.
The Jimnya€™s front axle came off, the front wheels ended up in the paddock over the guardrail. Undoubtedly, the designers ran out of ideas with the tail-lamps, which retain the irritatingly cutesy features of previous Polos. The association is targeting a 50% reduction in grey fleet mileage and costs by 2020, and is urging government ministers to help by highlighting the alternatives to grey fleet use and offering best practice guidance, particularly for public sector organisations. Through some corporate Greek called platform sharing VW have managed to bring top notch build quality within grasp.
The components reek of quality over style.The driving position is low, giving you a feeling of control. With the first run happening sometime around 1975, the Polo was and continues to be the able younger brother to its hot-hatch sibling, the Golf.Regular readers of ICB may remember a post that said that the Polo was voted as the European Car of the Year(CoTY) 2010. And the car on sale in our VW showrooms car is not some de-tuned, hunkered down version of the Polo. Well, if you ever saw the present range of superminis doing the rounds in Europe you will know why.
To name a few, notwithstanding friendly fire from fellow countrymen like the Mini, it takes shots even from its cousin, the Seat Ibiza. The output figure of the diesel will definitely play on my mind, its diesel-ness not withstanding.The Polo will do well as VW’s ambassador to the hearts of the Indian junta.
If it gives 13, i prefer going for Polo instead of figo and swift.Also, Does any one know about its maintenance cost?
It’s common knowledge that the engine drinks fuel at the beginning only to even out creases in the end. Knowing VW, the parts may be slightly on the wallet-pinching side but at least you wont have to worry about quality issues.
I’ve noticed that the clutch is in an odd postion, and is giving some discomfort while driving in the city.

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