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I had the same problem and found that my solenoid valve had ceased up from not being used for a few years and after fitting a new one all was okay again.
Take the black hose off and see if it making the vacuum.Stupid question, but how much vacuum is it making? I was actually referring to the MKV as it's even clearer as the valve is fitted directly between the silencer and one of the outlets.
Thanks mate.In fact some people have had the hose split and were able to hear the air being sucked when drivingFunny you should say, because now, I can hear some hissing when I let go of the throttle and when I turn off the engine.

Did anyone figure out weather the flapper valve is open on idle like in the pic, or is it shut utill it reaches high revs? I've been running a vise grip on the rod to the flap for years, but now I want the option to go quite. I can't see it when just lying down on the ground.Follow the black vacuum pipe that comes out of the exhaust valve (your pic with the green X on it) upwards and you will see it tucked right up into the corner, it is a little awkward to get to, you will need to get the car up on a ramp. Will I be in doubt or is it easy to tell by just holding my finger on the end?I really don't know how the flapper really works.

Will I be in doubt or is it easy to tell by just holding my finger on the end?Maybe this question got lost in my previous ramblings. When the rpms rise the flap will close (with the help of earlier mentioned vacuum) and lead some of the exhaust outside of the silencer and thus make the car louder.Is it the other way around?

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