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To conclude a contract you must have passport and driving license, be age of over 23 years, at least 2 years driving experience. Reservation: it is advisable to reserve a car in advance by phone (055) 555 60 70, (012) 596 09 08, (012) 511 70 60, or on our site.
Traffic accidents : A lessee is fully responsible for breakage and damage caused, not restricting to amount of guarantee.

Car refueling : A lessee may use a€?full tanka€? service subject to prepayment of this service before rent.
The rates include : rent cost, TO, a a€?reservea€? car provision for TP period of a rented car, insurance.
According to the contract the client is obliged no to break rules of the road and neatly drive car, otherwise he will be responsible for breakage in the case of traffic accidents.

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