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Probably should have got round to doing this sooner, but I've been having far too much fun driving now I've passed my driving test! Love these, really want one at the moment, would probably have done very bad things to have one as a first car!
That (was) my car!I bought it new in 2009 and racked up the first 10,000 miles in it!Hope you enjoy - looks great in the sun!
Nice first car, always love Fiat's after having a Punto Sporting as my first car, this is much better though!Enjoy hooning it around, but don't become another statistic! From the front the Sonic really is a looker, the double-barrel headlight cluster fronting a very aggressive approach,The side profile supports this attacking stance with a rising shoulder line. ETA - it was actually around £400 cheaper having as a main user rather than an occasional user as well - bizzare!!

This vehicle right here is a pleasure to drive and comes with a beautiful and spacious interior, comfort for the whole family. But, this meant that I wanted a Porsche when I passed my test, which at this stage was probably a good 10 years into the future! So when the day came that I realised I could change my birth date and get an online insurance quote, I realised my dreams of driving to college in a classic 911 were no more, and that I would probably have to settle for something smaller.
The fact I had been eager to driver for so long was made even more painful due to the fact that I'd have to wait even longer to have something cool and sporty!!But in July 2012 me, my dad and my mum went looking for a second hand car for my mum. Walking round the forecourt of a Ford Dealership, me and my dad spotted a Fiat Panda 100HP! After a test drive and some negotiation, it was ours!However insurance was still astronomically expensive!

Comparison sites best efforts were around the £4k mark which was obviously far too expensive, especially when you think that you could buy and insure a smaller car for that price if you looked hard enough. I was insured on it on a provisional for a month and I really wanted to be able to drive it when I passed, I loved it.
To cut a long story short, my mum managed to get a cheap quote on it for me, and here we are today, test passed and i'm driving a Fiat Panda 100HP!

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