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Photos courtesy Geoff Hacker Our friend Geoff Hacker is on the road again, his nose to the wind to sniff out the fine aroma of half-century-old fiberglass cars that few people even know exist, and he’s struck gold with a McCormack coupe, located in a junkyard in northeast Pennsylvania.
I’m sure Geoff will further document this car in photos when he gets it home and cleaned up. This looks to be the identical car that Alex Tremulis photographed at an Auburn-Cord-Duesenberg Reunion in the late 1950’s. It had rear fender skirts and sidepipes then, but you can still see the repaired holes in the body from where the pipes once emerged. Geoff, Thanks for finding and saving another example of fiberglass art and tracking down the documentation to go with it. Ray LaHood, the Secretary of Transportation, says that the Obama administration wants to spend $556 billion over the next 6 years, largely for federal transportation improvement projects.
The VMT would mandate the installation of new technology in vehicles that would essentially allow the government to track wherever you go, tallying the miles and billing you accordingly.

And, don’t let Conrad fool you with his reasoning that they have to compensate for less taken in from fuel taxes due to increased fuel-efficiency and more electric cars. The other thing that bothers me about this proposed VMT, though, is that it’s one more way for the government to keep tabs on us. Built in 1955 by Henry McCormack of Orange, California; he debuted his car at the 1955 International Motor Revue Show in Los Angeles. I’m going to go look through my old magazines in the attic and see if I have that issue of Motor Life. From pictures, engine mounts do not appear to be SBC – which are 3 bolt instead of 4 bolt. Earlier plans were stymied by things like the added inconvenience of long lines at tollbooths. At least in the past, systems like LoJack were voluntary and ostensibly only used when your vehicle went missing.

But, the VMT technology would be a way for the government to get that ability — Big Brother’s watching!
Kent Conrad (D-ND), the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has come up with a new way to fund the highway system. While not an exact copy, it certainly looks like McCormack took inspiration from Jay Everett’s 1952 Astra coupe, the latter aluminum-bodied and Olds Rocket-powered.

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