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This is the next in a series of more comprehensive profiles of the original props, and the next piece to be showcased a hero Ruger P90 used in two films – by Arnold Schwarzenegger as Harry Tasker in True Lies (1994) as well as for publicity photography done with Antonio Banderas as El Mariachi in Desperado (1995). This is a very special piece, in that it has been determined to have been used in the production of two great action films, both True Lies and Desperado. True Lies (1994) is an action film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger as an Omega Sector secret agent leading a double life. Stembridge Gun Rentals of Hollywood, California, was founded in 1916 by James Syndey Stembridge in conjunction with Cecil B.
In addition to renting firearms (which were eventually converted to fire blanks), Stembridge also produced custom weapons for use in film and television.
Circa 1999, Stembridge closed its operations and a significant portion of the collection was purchased by Robert Petersen of Petersen Publishing.
Stembridge Gun Rentals is still in existence in different form and owned and operated by Syd Stembridge, grand-nephew of the founder. The Ruger P90 pictured below was a real firearm converted to blank fire and used by Arnold Schwarzenegger in publicity and principal photography for True Lies as well as by Antonio Banderas for publicity-only for the film Desperado. Provenance linking this weapon to both True Lies and Desperado includes copies of the original Stembridge rental agreements to both productions. Both True Lies and Desperado prominently feature this style pistol on their respective DVDs. Another collaboration between Schwarzenegger and director James Cameron following Terminator 2: Judgment Day, this film was a remake adaptation of the 1991 French film La Totale!.
The action-heavy film helped to introduce Banderas and Salma Hayek to American audiences and featured remarkable action sequences with extensive gunplay. He intended to create a firearms museum in Los Angeles, but the project did not reach fruition. Chrome versions of the same style pistol were employed on set from principal photography of Desperado. The pair of pistols used extensively in the film are in fact stainless steel versions of the same model weapon. Following his death, the collection was made available for sale at public auction by Little John’s Auction Service in 2007 (see related articles).

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