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If sunday was the ninth annual La Carne Azada motorcycle stunt ride through Aurora, it was a surprise to city police. Some 350 motorcyclists from around the Midwest popped wheelies, performed a variety of other stunts and ran red lights to stay together as they traversed the city’s streets Sunday.
Aurora police said organizers did not warn them the ride would be coming through town this year or any other year. Not knowing about the rides only makes the difficult task of policing large motorcycle groups even harder, Jackson said. Minutes later in an intersection on the city’s West Side, the motorcycle group encountered a 44-year-old Yorkville man driving a gray GMC Sierra pickup truck. Police have to weigh concern for their own safety and that of residents along with the risk of chasing a single motorcycle with a squad car if the biker doesn’t cooperate, Jackson said.

Some have criticized police on social media for siding with the truck driver, while others have said they think police should do more to crack down on the behavior of unruly bikers. When the officers responded, they didn’t have the luxury of watching all of the videos that have poured in after the fact, Ziman wrote.
The police department has no record of anyone from Street Revolution contacting them this year or any previous year regarding the planned stunt rides, Aurora Police Department spokesman Dan Ferrelli said.
Sunday when one motorcyclist used his bike to block a squad car and waved the remaining riders through the intersection of West New York Street and River Street, according to a statement from Ferrelli.
In a number of videos that have been shared via social media, the riders can be seen surrounding the truck. Typically, when a motorcyclist is blatantly disobeying the law, as soon as a squad car turns its lights on and attempts a stop, the motorcycle takes off, he said.

Instead, they were faced with hundreds of bikers pointing fingers at the driver of the truck and other witnesses who were pointing fingers at the bikers, she wrote. The officer put on his lights and siren and tried to get the group to slow down, according to the statement.

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