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June 28, 2014Ford Superb Ramadan OffersFord cars bring you the latest automotive technologies for your comfort and driving pleasure, at prices that offer great value for years. Enjoy the drive this summer with yout Mitsubishi, Service your vehicle's AC before the extreme summer temperatures set in.
For outstanding style, pick the Focus Titanium, with luxurious features normally found only in more expensive cars. It's the best time to service yout Toyota with special prices and unmatched guarantee of quality that only a Toyota can give.
We phoned around dozens of dealerships in Dubai to find out the best Dubai Ramadan car deals so that you know where to look first.
You can get a Ford Focus over Ramadan for a starting price of Dhs60,000 (which is discount of Dhs18,000) with a free year’s insurance and roadside assistance, as well as servicing for five years or 100,000 kilometres.
GMC is offering a package which see Dhs40,000 off of the most basic Acadia model, so it’s now Dhs146,000. Kia is offering some small cash discounts, and there’s a Sportage model that was Dhs64,900 but is now Dhs62,900. Over Ramadan the Nissan Patrol starts from Dhs179,000 (and, according to the sales person we spoke to the same car cost over Dhs200,000 before Ramadan). At this smaller showroom you’ll find an XV 2 litre crossover 2016 model for Dhs76,000 (it was Dhs89,000) or a two-door BRZ starting from Dhs81,000 (it was Dhs95,000).
This Ramadan Toyota is running a deal that means you can get a Corolla for the price of a Yaris SD, a Rav4 for the price of a Corolla, an FJ Cruiser for the price of a Rav 4 or a Land Cruiser GXR for the price of an EXR. So, for instance, a limited edition Corolla normally costs Dhs73,500, and so you can now get a Rav 4 for that price.
And while the team at Toyota told us that servicing etc would be extra, they are throwing in a 42-inch Smart TV from Phillips if you buy a new car with them over the Holy Month.

Volkswagen with Al Nabooda Automobiles are offering extra benefits over Ramadan, including 0 per cent interest on repayments. The Dubai Canal project is moving along quickly, with a new bridge to ease Al Wasl traffic now open. The roads around Business Bay will be completely transformed by 2018, with two bridges and three underpasses set to be built there soon.
July 17, 2013Ford Brilliant Ramadan OfferFord vechicles always go further with the latest techonlogy, comfort and design at prices that offer great value for years.
If you’re buying a new car in cash there will be a 15 per cent discount from the total price of the car. There’s also a deal on the Fiesta which sees it now cost Dhs54,000 (it was Dhs65,000). Also, with most purchases over Ramadan you’ll get finance down payment assistance, free insurance, free registration, three years or 60,000 km free service, five years warranty with unlimited mileage and free window tinting and accessories. So a Wrangler’s starting price at the moment is Dhs100,000 (it was Dhs120,000), a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited is Dhs115,000 (it was Dhs133,000) and a Jeep Grand Cherokee is now Dhs115,000 (was Dhs130,000). There are also a few packages too – you could get a Kia Rio sedan for Dhs44,900 and then choose to either pay 0 per cent interest for three years OR you can get three years or 50,000 km free servicing. You could go for a 2016 E class sedan (pictured), which was Dhs265,000 and is now Dhs199,000. This means the company will pay your installments in 2016, and if you start paying from 2017 you’ll be the owner of a Pajero for Dhs89,900. All these cars come with free servicing for three years or 50,000 km and free registration. The small V40 hatchback was Dhs109,000 but is now Dhs99,900 (and it comes with five years warranty or 100,000km, five years roadside assistance and three years worth of servicing).

There is also a deferred payment option and a petrol card voucher worth Dh500 plus a separate cash offer that includes discounts of Dh22,000.
All of these deals come with five years or 100,000 km in warranty and free servicing, five years roadside assistance and deferred payment for four months. Meanwhile, the GL 500 was Dhs424,000 but is now Dhs299,000 and the S class was Dhs556,000 and is now Dhs410,000.
Or you could get a Lancer from Dhs40,500, an Outlander from Dhs71,000 or o Mirage from 37,900. Or the Nissan X Trail starts from Dhs82,500 (for a two wheel) and comes with a two year service contract. All of these deals come with three years free servicing (or up to 45,000 km) and three years warranty.
This all comes with servicing for free up to 30,000 km, a year’s free insurance and a five year or 100,000 km warranty. Meanwhile, the Nissan Pathfinder starts from Dhs109,500 and comes with three years free servicing (or up to 50,000km). Or the sporty sedan the Jetta costs Dhs993 over five years (again, with 0 per cent interest).

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