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Breakdown Cover Breakdown Cover UK Breakdown Cover European Breakdown Cover Compare Breakdown Cover Business Breakdown Cover Motorbike Breakdown Cover Broken Down? It's our great value comprehensive car insurance with an added range of extra benefits - upgrade for just a small % of your premium. 03 numbers are charged at national call rates and included in inclusive minute plans from landlines and mobiles. It has a viewing angle of 150 degrees, 4.0 megapixel sensor, can take images of up to 16 megapixels and even has motion detection for when you’re parked up. Oh, and it also comes with an 8GB Micro SD card, suction cup, a USB power lead and single plug car charger.
Measuring in at 32cm long it gives you a really good, extended view of everything going on behind you.
The mirror never moved of its own accord throughout our time using it, those rubber straps keep it in place perfectly. You can adjust the camera slightly as it pivots 360 degrees, the movement is quite limited, but enough to get a suitable head on view. Starting your car will fire up the RAC03 with a chirpy jingle, this can be turned down or even off if you so wish. The screen also comes to life to warn you of speed cameras, it will make an audible ‘bing’ and flash a warning of an upcoming camera location and your speed.
One thing that was a slight annoyance is the speed warning, this can be set from 20 to 70 MPH and again it warns when that speed is exceeded, switching the screen on and hindering your rear view.
The new version is a lot better and has way more detail, showing G Forces, map location, speed etc. You can switch between using Google Maps or Bing and the software is actually really easy to use. The good thing is that all the data recorded is embedded with the .mov video files so that’s all you ever need to copy.
It would have been better if the RAC03 came with a larger memory card though, as each 5 minute chunk is around 700 MB so you can only really fit just over an hours’ worth of driving before it loops and overwrites itself. Another nag is that the supplied car charger only has one port…well most people charge their phones in their car these days.
Both of these issues can be resolved yourself at extra cost, but it’s just that little bit of extra thought that goes a long way when integrating into your life. Description: RAC WA offers car insurance, home insurance, car loans, home security, roadside, travel, quotes and much more. The RAC saw a major increase in the number of hot weather-related breakdowns yesterday (Tuesday). On 28 April 2015, the European Parliament voted to introduce eCall, the in-vehicle emergency alert system, into all new cars and light vans by the end of March 2018.
The RAC is urging members and the public to be vigilant when looking to buy a new car online, as a fraudulent website has been set up by cyber-criminals attempting to steal personal details. The site falsely claims to be the RAC’s car buying website and is illegally using official RAC logos in a bid to convince people and con them into giving over financial and vehicle details. The RAC is doing all it can to take down this illegal website but if you have entered details onto the site and feel concerned, please contact Action Fraud, the UK’s national fraud and internet crime reporting centre.
Payless4breakdowncover is a specialist breakdown insurance comparison site that helps motorists find the right cover provider and product for them with minimum of fuss. If you have tried to compare quotes across breakdown providers you will know that it’s a time consuming and thankless task.
Car breakdown insurance cover is the kind of product that tends to end up on the bottom of the priorities list, but in fact, you can pay as little as ?20 per year for entry level cover which is not a high price to pay for peace of mind on the roads. We currently offer cover comparison of the following breakdown providers – The AA, RAC, Green Flag, More Than, Swinton, GEM Motoring Assist, and Green Insurance.

After being given the royal approval by King Edward VII in 1907, they introduced the first roadside emergency telephone boxes in 1912.
After launching their car insurance product, arranged and administered by BISL Limited, RAC have won 'Best Online Motor Insurance Provider' in the Your Money awards two years in a row (2012 and 2013). RAC policyholders get up to 50% off the cost of RAC breakdown, with five different levels to choose from. We’ve been awarded the top 5 Star Rating from Defaqto, so you are safe in the knowledge that you are buying quality cover. Now there hasn’t been any widely publicized dash cam theft spree sweeping across the UK, but naturally some still worry that their car will be broken into. There is plenty of cable on the USB power lead so you won’t have to worry about being caught short in that department.
I don’t need an audible warning when the vehicle in front has started moving forward…and the lane departure warning has to be set for either Motorway, Urban or Rural.
You can take screenshots in different formats, slow the video down, export, merge – it’s all there. You also get ?30 off of RAC car insurance when purchasing any dashcam from their site direct. We believe that there is scope for at least a 5 pence cut in the price of diesel which will be the first time that motorists have seen diesel cheaper than petrol at the pumps in almost fifteen years. As new cars become more efficient, VED was always destined to bring in less and less money for the Treasury. The changes to VED will guarantee a minimum level of spending on the roads and this, combined with the Road investment Strategy, suggest that that the critical role that road transport plays both in our economy and in motorists’ everyday lives has finally been given the attention it deserves.
Faults with cooling systems were up 102%, including an 82% rise in blown cylinder head gaskets. The 17% rise in over 60s killed on our roads, the largest increase of any age group, is a timely reminder of the challenges of dealing with an ageing population, that need to be tackled – not just in terms of older drivers, but also what measures can be taken to keep older pedestrians and cyclists safe on increasingly busy roads.
In twelve months’ time, we will find out if the 2015 target of a 30% reduction in people killed on the roads compared to 2004-08 averages has been met. We would encourage all drivers to spend a few moments getting to grips with how it works – that way, those that need to share their licence details at short notice will not run into any difficulties. The issue clearly remains a highly charged one, with more than a third of motorists telling us that they want to see the limit in England and Wales brought into line with Scotland, and almost a quarter wanting to go the way of some other European countries with a zero limit. Such targets have proven effective in the past, and with the number of children killed or seriously injured on our roads up for the first time in 20 years, now is the time for action to be taken. More than a third (35%) of motorists, however, believe it is a good idea that will help to simplify the process of making changes to their licences, and very few thinking it to be a bad decision. The issue that held up the move was providing drivers’ information in a format that would work for car hire companies. While this appears at first sight to make good sense, the potential benefit to motorists could be far greater if alerts were able to be sent in lower speed incidents, which might still lead to occupants requiring emergency assistance. If this more sensitive technology was used within eCall even more people could benefit from receiving faster emergency help from the most appropriate emergency service. When cars are sold with in-date tax discs still on display in the windscreen, some motorists are mistakenly thinking this means the vehicle is still taxed. The £15bn Road Investment Strategy was published in December 2014 and motorists will simply want to see that the associated projects are delivered to plan. These two projects are fully costed, should have strong economic cases, and formed part of the previous Government’s Road Investment Strategy (RIS) which was sold to motorists as such a long-term vision for our strategic roads. Freezing fuel duty beyond the end of this Parliament is therefore a very shrewd move as it would be extremely unpopular for any future Chancellor to unfreeze it. What we need now is a firm commitment from all political parties ahead of the election not to reverse his decision as soon as they take office as this would be a retrograde, harmful step that will lead to an increase in both household and business costs and dampen economic growth.

The above inflation fuel duty escalator that operated between 1993 and 1999 is the primary reason, of course, that we now pay nearly 70 per cent in tax on every litre of fuel we buy at the pumps. The selection of diesel vehicles by an increasing  proportion of new car buyers in recent years has made a significant contribution to reducing carbon dioxide emissions and has also reduced fuel bills for their drivers.
The RAC has increased patrol hours by 20% in anticipation of extra demand and we are expecting higher volumes of call-outs for battery related and electrical problems and the potential for some motorists to become stranded if snow begins to drift. But there is a significant way to go and the prospect of driverless vehicles entering service before the end of this decade looks ambitious. This is before we have even started to consider important things like the impact on pedestrians and cyclists, or the implications on the insurance market. Similarly the increase in deaths and serious injuries among cyclists, 8% up in the year to September 2014, is a trend we cannot ignore.
The public will not accept complacency and we should not be satisfied until we reduce fatalities on UK roads to zero. This should include clearly placing road safety education on the national curriculum for school children, and for that matter for all road users. Filling stations provide a crucial public service in more remote areas, and the plans to widen the Rural Fuel Rebate Scheme will help reduce prices closer to those enjoyed in other parts of the UK. We are here to take the legwork out of choosing the right breakdown cover package by providing at-a-glance comparison tables featuring a wide variety of car breakdown insurance cover offered by UK breakdown providers. We have also broken the market down into cover types and although comparing offers is not always straight forward because cover packages don’t fit neatly into categories, our table should give you and sense of what you are getting for your money. It sits over your existing rear view mirror and holds in place with two rubber type bands at each end. It can be very distracting, especially when driving on a motorway with its constant warnings when 70 is reached.
For the first time, motorists will be able to see for themselves how the money they pay benefits the road network that they use – although it is a pity that we will have to wait five years for the Roads Fund to take effect.
These figures serve to highlight just how pressing the need is for road safety to be given the political focus it clearly so desperately needs. Nine out of ten motorists also said that having different drink-drive limits north and south of the border was a recipe for confusion. We also call on him to publish the green paper on young drivers, something that was mooted in the previous parliament but never saw the light of day. But the changes mean that vehicle tax can now no longer be transferred when a vehicle is sold; it is the duty of the new owner to ensure it is taxed from the day they purchase it.
On potholes, what is needed is firm action that tackles the route cause which is a chronic under-investment in preventative maintenance over many years. The RAC is looking for reassurances that any new tax bandings would not unfairly penalise such motorists who previously chose diesel in good faith based upon advice from scientists and encouraged by the Government. Our car breakdown insurance cover tables identify which elements of a cover package come as standard and which are optional.
Join here   Insurance Insurance Car Insurance Multicar Insurance Black Box Car Insurance Young Driver Insurance Learner Driver Insurance Temporary Car Insurance Test Drive Insurance Classic Car Insurance Commercial Motor Insurance Home Insurance Van Insurance Motorbike Insurance Pet Insurance Travel Insurance Business Insurance Caravan Insurance Motorhome Insurance Personal Accident Insurance Accident Care and Legal Expenses Holiday Home Insurance Car Insurance Up to 70% off RAC Car Insurance with 9+ years no claims discount. Basically that makes the image a lot clear, darks will have more detail in a light situation and vice versa.
Local authorities need the certainty of adequate funding over a sustained period, so they can plan their maintenance programmes more effectively. RAC Car Insurance and RAC Home Insurance are arranged and administered by BISL Limited, which is an independent intermediary.

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