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75,000 Bonus Qantas Frequent Flyer Points, After first eligible purchase within the first 3 months. Similar to other travel money cards, Qantas Cash lets you store and spend money in nine currencies: Australian, US, Canadian, NZ, Singapore and Hong Kong dollars, British pounds, Euros and Japanese Yen. From the VIPs of the Chairman's Lounge to the lowliest Bronze, every member of the Qantas Frequent Flyer program will receive their new card by the end of this year.
The Qantas Cash card is a prepaid or debit card, not a credit card – so you need to load money onto the card before you start shopping.
Where it beats a few of the competing travel money cards is that there’s no fee to load money onto the card, although withdrawing cash at an overseas ATM will cost around A$2. The exchange rates are of course a few points under what you’d get buying cash at good over-the-counter rates. David Flynn is the editor of Australian Business Traveller and a bit of a travel tragic with a weakness for good coffee, shopping and lychee martinis.
Don't think you can expect a credit card and a debit card to be close on points because the economics for the card company is totally different, both from a merchant fees and interest charges. From what I can gather, there is no minimum spend per transaction, but what's an 'eligible purchase'? I just realised something: is it possible to double-dip by using Qantas Cash to pay for a transaction that earns QFF points through Everyday Rewards?
Did you know that Qantas Cash has a $1.00 monthly inactivity fee and there is no facility available to change your pin number.
Yes, I was just about to mention that as I received my card today and was prepared to load it up as I am going away next week, now I'm not sure if I will.
It seems to apply when a Mastercard transaction has either no or insufficient of the transaction currency and has to convert another currency on the QC card to to cover the transaction, e.g.
But does this amount go into my AUD wallet initially and then transferred to my GBP wallet with a 3% currency conversion fee?
The Qantas Cash Card is a Joke - Last year in Australia I cosidered activating this card but at that time was told they fixed the pin and it was not changeable .
Luckily this nonsense means I won't be using Qantas Cash and I have been saved the circa 6 % charges they have hidden in their currency exchange rates. Tony Tyler, Director General and CEO of IATA, presented Qantas with the Fast Travel Platinum status certificate at the World Passenger Symposium.

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has announced that its Fast Travel programme is making progress in Asia-Pacific, with Qantas becoming the first airline in the region to achieve Platinum status, and Narita International Airport engaging IATA to conduct a study on the implementation of Fast Travel initiatives. Recognising the progress made by the Australian carrier, Qantas has now received Platinum status, which is awarded when Fast Travel compliant solutions are made available to at least 80% of a carrier’s passengers.
Qantas Domestic Executive Manager, Customer Experience, Paul Jones, said: “Travellers today rightly expect a seamless journey through the airport, and we’ve invested in technology and training to deliver that. IATA is aiming for 80% of passengers to be offered a complete self-service suite based on industry standards by 2020. Meanwhile, IATA has confirmed that it has been engaged by Narita International Airport Corporation (NAA) to conduct a study on the challenges and opportunities for the implementation of Fast Travel initiatives at Tokyo’s Narita Airport. Conrad Clifford, Regional Vice President, Asia-Pacific, IATA, commented: “Japan has been at the forefront of many of the advances in the passenger experience including domestic air travel. Alaska Airlines has become just the second North American carrier to achieve Fast Travel Platinum status, which recognises airlines’ self-service efforts.
Qatar Airways is the first airline in the Middle East to achieve Fast Travel Platinum Status in recognition of its investment in self-service technology. Narita International Airport has made a fresh investment in common use, self-service and digital signage, continuing its relationship with Rockwell Collins. Air travellers completed an online survey questionnaire about their experience with airlines on the ground and onboard, during a 10-month period. Asiana Airlines serves the best economy class meal according to the travellers surveyed for the Skytrax World Airline Awards.
COMO Hotels and Resorts is opening its first Australian property in Perth, Western Australia, on 15 October, 2015. COMO The Treasury is the centrepiece of the new Cathedral Square Development, a revamped heritage site with several buildings that have played a part in the city’s history for over 140 years.
At TravelEdge Corporate, the largest privately owned corporate travel company in Australia, you get the best of both worlds – personal professional service alongside the latest in dashboard reporting technology and a choice of online booking tools. As it stands it earns a lot less points than my credit card so I won't be in a hurry to load it up. Still cant beat the 28 degrees card although this does give you points and allows you to lock in the rate. Today the USD amount is only 2% lower than the spot rate, which I think is better than what I can get at a bank.

If I initially load say GBP 2000, I can't seem to specify this amount exactly if AUD is my default currency.
As this was daft - you write down the pin as it is not one you easily remember and the security is zero. NAA becomes the launch customer for this service by IATA Consulting, which will provide recommendations on how the various initiatives can be implemented and integrated with the existing systems at Narita Airport. Thus, we are delighted to partner with NAA to take this forward for international travel at Narita Airport. The survey measures passenger satisfaction across more than 40 key performance indicators of airline front-line product and service - including check-in, boarding, onboard seat comfort, cabin cleanliness, food, beverages, inflight entertainment and staff service. COMO The Treasury will comprise 48 elegant rooms and suites pairing architect Kerry Hill’s contemporary design with COMO’s emphasis on understated luxury. The on-line load facility only allows me to specify an AUD load amount, so need to specify an AUD that approximates the GBP amount I require.
I put $400 aud on my card and changed it into hong kong for a holiday and went i went to use it  the money had already dropped.
The airlines are eager and ready to offer a more convenient and faster experience to their passengers through the use of technology solutions. IATA’s Fast Travel initiatives will bring more efficiency for airline operations, and improve the customer experience. The Survey covered over 200 airlines, from largest international airlines to domestic carriers. A highlight for guests of the hotel and discerning diners in Perth is sure to be the property’s fine dining rooftop restaurant, which will offer not only contemporary European cuisine utilising the best of West Australian produce but also spectacular views over the Swan River. If it had been 1 point per $1 I might have given up my Mastercard Credit Card and replaced it with this.

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