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Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) provides you a facility to check and download the duplicate bill copy in which all information like as name, Address, telephone number and account number is given on the bill page. One thing is best for you that when you download a Duplicate Bill Copy and you can also save this PDF type file in your computer machine. You need just telephone number and account number when you want to view and download PTCL bill copy. I need soft copy of my bills, Kindly Send me the duplicate soft copy of my PTCL bills from June 2012 to May 2013. Zong E-CareZONG brings you the ECare Portal giving you full control over your cell phone account.
Telenor Web Self ServiceThis service gives you a detailed insight into your Telenor connection and helps you manage your account effectively. You canĀ  check PTCL evo Duplicate Bill online Payment Recharge Status inquiry information and Ptcl broadband internet connection available with on ptcl landline with reasonable charges. So customer have not to wait for the bills mailed at their door step., We provide you to all latest information about Ptcl landlines connection, Packages, DSL, Broadband and etc.
Islamabad ( Friday, October 25th, 2013) – Pakistan telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) has launched another online helpline for its valued customers.

PTCL customers now check the latest status of their registered complaints at following website. Now you can download your PTCL current bill if the PTCL representative has not came in due dates as well as sort out your difficulties.
Both options will see at given site you will fill the 1st blank by putting the PTCL phone number and then in 2nd blank you will just putt the account number that you have. Now with this service you can get your bill before the actual bill and know what is the exact amount that is outstanding against your PTCL account. Is it beneficial for you, say something about it here at this page through comment section. For downloading the duplicate PTCL bill copy PDF software should be installed in your computer or other device like android mobile and tablet PC etc.
If any case a hurdle will come then you can prove it by showing the recorded Duplicate Bill Copies and can solve the issue that you faced.
Finally you can see your PTCL bill copy and can be downloading by clicking on the option that are given on this page. In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript!

If you want to make sure that what is your PTCL bill then you can visit the official PTCL web site which is given below on this page where you can check your PTCL duplicate bill and download it in few seconds. Ptcl EVO service almost available in most of Pakistan’s cities and provide you with EVO to strengthen signals. Actually due to manual system of Postal service in Pakistan PTCL Customers face many problems in paying their bills and ultimately they get the news that their Line is discontinue.So customer feels embarrassment in this way. Our site is the one who gives you all the information related to latest and upcoming technology. You can also visit PTCL website to download your current and up to 6 months old bills through one platform. Customer can just insert Evo device in the USB port of system and enjoy internet with high speed. Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited is a mega corporation and a leading telecommunication authority in Pakistan.

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