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VIN: WP0AA2955JN151691 - Porsche : 944 TURBO 1988 BLACK PORSCHE 951 944 TURBO S STREET RACE CAR NR!
The use of this Web site constitutes acceptance of the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. The paint is faded with a few scratches, the carpet is slightly stained in some spots, the driver seat is in fair condition and there are a few tears in the passenger seat.
The hatch and rubber tail is in perfect condition,all electrical system work as they should. I still have the oil change and service paperwork, along with the original vehicle warranty contract listing the original 1988 purchase price of $44,820.
Also there is a slight crack in the driver side taillight, but I am including two matching replacement taillights. I also have a copy of the original window sticker with all the options listed and the suggested retail price of $48,780. The Porsche has the factory floor mats in the rear, but non factory replacements in the front.
As for stopping the brakes were upgraded to a 928 S4 brakes,which has a way better stopping power.It has stock suspension,which could be upgraded to a firmer suspension setup,but its good as is stock.
The 3rd owner was a Neurosurgeon who had several Porsche vehicles and ued the San Diego mechanic to maintain them.
It has a dual custom titanium exhaust system with cat bypass testpipe wich reduces turbo spool time and thus the turbo lag.This car is a blast to drive. He bought the car from the mechanic and added a few things before selling it to me when he was going through a divorce. Recent services include new oil pan gasket,rebuilt rack and pinion and new oil filter housing seal.Car doesnt leak or burn any oil. It handles amazingly well due to its excellent weight balance and it stops better than most vehicles on the road due to the oversize tires, S4 brakes, and ABS. The power steering was disconnected,as the power steering pump will need a rebuild.Just beeing honest and upfront about the car. I am a mechanical engineer and I own my own machine shop, so I do 99% of the work on my cars. I even parted-out a 944 non-turbo and used a bunch of parts from that “donor” car to maintain my 951s. I have kept the car well maintained as far as oil changes, air filter, belts, and replacement of anything else that happened to need repair.

The interior is a nice Tan color and it keeps the car from getting crazy hot in the sun like the black or rose colored interiors do. There are some aftermarket black leather coverings on the interior: The inside door handles have been covered as well as the center console. It is a very durable finish and I have had many people ask if the wheels are real carbon fiber. There is a set of high quality black aluminum Porsche Lug Nut wheel locks I purchased that come with this car (4 pieces plus the wrench key insert). There is one small rust spot on the driver door, other than that there is no rust anywhere else on the body.
The gauge cluster also seems to have some very small crystallization developing inside on the matte black area between gauges. There is damage to the tinting film on the windows, especially in the rear, and it would need to be re-tinted.
The rear mat is there, but some of the snaps are broken and it sags in the rear where it should attach to the body just below the hatch glass. It had an Alpine Tape Deck with 6 disk changer, the factory speakers, a ZAPP amplifier, and the 2 MTX thunder subs. But the 6-disk changer died and I put in the current Alpine single CD head unit - still very good sound. Heating and AC: In order to work, the AC system needs to be re-charged with R12 refrigerant (one thing I cannot do myself). I have had it re-charged about every 2 years with R12 and the system works great and blows cold air once it is charged. The Porsche repair place that did it for me last time (Schneider Autohaus SB, CA) put dye in the system but cannot find a leak.
They told me that even a leak-free system that small could lose pressure over time – and it does. You need to push the button and then have another person push down on the sunroof right as it is almost completely closed in order for it to seat all the way down. Put it back on with all new bushings (hoping that would fix the noise) and the noise returned. It still provides decent boost (based on performance and the stock dashboard gauge), but the car used to be faster.
I recently removed and checked the wastegate – it seems to be in good condition – opens at the correct pressure and seals closed properly.

I have disclosed everything I know about the vehicle and there are no known issues other than what I have discussed above.
The car is sold as is and as with any 23 year old car, there could be other issues I haven't found or don't know about. I am not desperate to sell this car and I’m not looking to trade it for any other vehicles or items. Payment Methods Certified bank check for the balance of the vehicle (car will not be delivered until this clears).
Title The title is free and clear and will be presented to the buyer after all financial transactions have been completed. AS-IS is here defined as having no warranty stated, implied or otherwise expressed in any way, shape or form. The buyer assumes all and total responsibility for all or any defects known or unknown, apparent or non-apparent with this vehicle. Such defects are not limited to any area, system or part of the vehicle, but include the entire vehicle and all or any of its parts, systems or areas associated with it in all or any way. If you do not fully understand or do not completely agree to the above, do not bid or purchase this vehicle. This payment is required for the costs, time and loss of potential buyers associated with the auction should the sale not be completed. The remaining balance due must be paid within three (3) business days of the close of the auction.
If the winning bidder either fails to pay the five hundred dollar ($500) payment within twenty-four (24) hours of the auction close, or does not pay the remaining balance within the three (3) business day period, the seller has the right to refuse the sale and any payment to the seller will not be returned to the buyer. If the buyer decides after agreeing to purchase the vehicle that he or she does no longer wants the vehicle, no refund of any kind will be issued. Shipping I will gladly assist the buyer with the shipping of his or her vehicle, but this is ultimately the responsibility of the buyer.
Notice to Bidders Seller reserves the right to cancel all bids and end the auction early should the vehicle no longer be available for sale. This car is being listed as a private auction format to reduce the amount of risk for the bidder.

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