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DECEMBER 2--Here's the Florida Highway Patrol report about last week's Tiger Woods car crash outside the golfer's home. The document, released this afternoon, follows yesterday's announcement that Woods, 33, was issued a careless driving citation in connection with the November 27 incident. Investigators also released more than 100 photos showing damage sustained by Woods's Cadillac Escalade, as well as images showing the path his vehicle traveled and the exterior of his Windermere home (and its security cameras).
Fetty Wap was reportedly struck while riding his motorcycle in Paterson, New Jersey on Sept.
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ARLINGTON, Texas -- A German roller-coaster maker is sending officials to a North Texas amusement park to inspect a ride after a woman fell to her death. Tobias Lindnar, a project manager for Gerstlauer Amusement Rides in Munsterhausen, Germany, told The Dallas Morning News that the company will investigate what led to Friday's fatal accident at Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington.
Witnesses said the woman expressed concern about the Texas Giant roller-coaster's safety bar not completely engaging as the ride was starting. Lindnar said Gerstlauer has never had problems with car safety bars on any of the roughly 50 roller coasters it's built around the world over the past 30 years. Park spokeswoman Sharon Parker confirmed in a statement Saturday that the victim died while riding the 14-storey Texas Giant, but wouldn't give specifics about what happened. Arlington police have referred information about the woman's identity to the medical examiner's office in Tarrant County, which hadn't disclosed her name as of Sunday night and didn't respond to phone messages left by the AP. Lindnar wouldn't address the hydraulic bar's operation or whether park employees should be able to determine if a person's body is too close to the front of the train car to prevent the bar from being effective. Texas Department of Insurance spokesman Jerry Hagins told the AP on Sunday that Six Flags was in compliance with state regulations requiring amusement ride operators to have $1 million liability insurance on each ride and provide proof of an annual safety inspection by a certified engineer.

Six Flags received a state-issued sticker, like an auto inspection sticker, for the Texas Giant in February. Because no foul play is suspected, police are not involved in the investigation, officials said. The ride first opened in 1990 as an all-wooden coaster and underwent a $10 million renovation to install steel-hybrid rails and reopened in 2011.
This aerial photo shows the Texas Giant roller coaster at Six Flags Over Texas where a woman fell to her death, in Arlington, Texas, Saturday, July 20, 2013.
The Texas Giant roller coaster ride sits idle at the Six Flags Over Texas park Saturday, July 20, 2013, in Arlington, Texas. Woods yesterday paid a $164 fine, and will be hit with four points on his driver's license.
As a privately owned website, we reserve the right to remove any comment and ban any user at any time. Hagins said the ride now will remain closed until it's inspected again and certified to be safe. Investigators will try to determine if a woman who died while riding the roller coaster at the amusement park Friday night fell from the ride after some witnesses said she wasn't properly secured. Photos of the horrific scene flooded Twitter, and the rapper’s fans are praying for his recovery.
Christopher Cook told The Associated Press on Saturday that police believe the woman fell from the ride and that there appeared to have been no foul play. Fetty’s reported accident comes just one day after he released his debut self-titled album. Experts hired by NASCAR could not determine which element played the deciding role."The conclusion is not the easiest conclusion to report," said Dr.

Simpson has also had two separate investigative reports compiled and forwarded to NASCAR attorneys in Washington, D.C. NASCAR's investigators said Tuesday it was unclear whether such a device would have saved him.Since Earnhardt's crash, use of the devices has increased dramatically, with 41 of 43 drivers wearing one in Sunday's race at Michigan International Speedway, including Dale Earnhardt Jr. A third group, Autoliv, a Swedish manufacturer of restraint systems with a Michigan research center, also ran tests for NASCAR.Raddin, of Biodynamic Research, determined Earnhardt's body flew to the right and his helmet rotated when he collided with the No. His lap belt separated when he slammed into the Turn 4 wall and the base of his skull either struck the steering wheel when he went forward or the seat structure when his body slammed back into the seat.Speculation has long existed that rescue workers might have cut the belt while trying to free Earnhardt from the car. But Raddin ruled out the possibility, flashing enlarged photos of Earnhardt's belt and pointing out "this was not a cutting of a belt afterward. Barry Myers, an independent medical expert from Duke University who earlier concluded Earnhardt died from the violent whipping motion of his head during the crash, which is common in racing deaths.
Myers, who was appointed by a circuit judge in Volusia County to settle a dispute between Earnhardt's widow, Teresa, and the Orlando Sentinel regarding autopsy photos, also concluded the broken lap belt did not play a role in the death. Unlike Raddin, however, Myers had access to the autopsy photos.A second investigator hired by NASCAR, Dr. Dean Sicking, a leading researcher on barrier and crash safety from the University of Nebraska, found that the car was traveling between 156-161 mph when it hit the wall.

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