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You can check them out in the video below, together with previously announced accessories like the Intercooler, Modular Charge Station and Modular Power Station for both the Xbox One and  the PS4.
I was going to make a joke about them making a LARGER intercooler, but they made it for me.
I find the bay quite clever, not so much because it allows you to fit HDDs over 2 TB, but because many have 1 or 2 TB HDD laying around from upgrading their computers (I know I have one) and they can fit them on their PS4 like this.
PS3break USB Jailbreak PS3 Mod Chip+ External HDD fully loaded with Games - bundled and for SALE!!! Easy installation and no need to spend days hunting down working downloads or making them yourself. PS3 ModChips are needed for users to be able to attach an external USB Hard Drive and play PS3 game backups from the attached Hard Drive. The new controller sports a boomerang-style design and includes all of the same buttons as the Dual Shock and Dual Shock2. The first phase to replace the harddisk is to back the facts on your music, videos, and willing saves, but you'll basic to pick up a new harddisk.
Recent information divulged from SCE chief technology officer Masayuki Chatani suggests that the company is still undecided as to whether this Playstation 3 hard drive will be bundled with the PS3 console as a standard option or not.
Please be advised that if you replace the hard drive, the data that was on the original hard drive will not show up on the PS3 unless you manually backup the data and transfer it to the replacement hard drive. Back Up – Back-up all data from the PS3 hard disk drive to an external storage device. Restore – Use a back-up that was made to an external storage to restore data to the PS3 hard disk drive.
4.            Make sure the external storage device has enough space to store all the data from your PS3 system. Remember, you can restore a backup and all data back onto the same PS3 and have access to all your saved content. If the cover is difficult to remove, gently insert a small screwdriver in the space and pry the cover off. For more information on how to correctly change your PS3 HDD, check out the PlayStation 3 Help & Support site. Category: Battlefield 4, DGLThe Hearthstone Europe Summer Preliminary Heads to JHB this Weekend!By Sam Hawes on 11 Aug 2016The event will feature a number of exciting side events and activities with a total prize pool of more than R20 000! Controversial Hearthstone Card Removed Before Official Release Players have already taken a disliking to the new upcoming cards. Ps3 slim bluray drive eject discs, Join date mar 2013 location australia posts 27 likes 3 liked 4 times in 3 posts feedback score 0 downloads 1 uploads 0. Playstation 3 secrets - edepot, Playstation 3 secrets the purpose of this webpage is to provide information (a majority are secret or are hard to find) on the ps3.
How manually eject disc xbox console, Hi, video shows remove stuck disc form xbox hidden hole located side console. How eject ps4 disk manually blue-ray disk - youtube, How eject ps4 disk manually easy playstation 4 tutorial ps4 blue ray disk game stuck console blue-ray create content donate.

Last time I wanted to insert one of my favorite games in the PlayStation 3 (fat edition) and bam: the disc can’t be inserted no more. After several tries I went crazy and really thought the drive was broken and that I wouldn’t be able to use the PS3 again. Warning:  If you open your PlayStation and remove the seal, your warranty will be definitely void, so only open it if you know what you are going to do!
A frustrated gamer that won't be able to play GT5 because the PlayStation 3 has a tray problem: annoying!
If you slightly push the disc into the slot and feel a big resistance it’s likely you are facing a blocked disc tray.
The second step of our manipulation is to unscrew the seven screws that are holding a second black protection deck. If you have ever opened a PC you shouldn’t be too much scared by the fact that you need to disconnect the Blu-ray player from the electronic circuit. The drive's data connector is fragile so don't mess with it, otherwise you are ready to buy a new cable!
You will notice that you need to unscrew two other screws in order to remove the top part of the mechanism. Try to smoothly push both side of the mechanism together in order to simulate the insertion of a disc. On the right side you will notice a small electronic circuit with two very small switches on it.
It wasn’t directly my case as my PlayStation was pretty new but check if some springs went out of their cases or are blocked.
If you have a newer PlayStation you will notice that there is a small infrared sensor directly placed at the entry of the drives slot.
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Launched in 2000, Collectool is one of the leading search engines for collectors in France. PS Jailbreak PS3 Mod-Chip was the first to achieve this, but it was expensive and it's mass production was lagging behind the other alternative mod solutions like PS3key PS3 modchip from the Wii chip makers (authors of WiiKey and DriveKey), PS3 x3 Jailbreak mod and PS3 Break and many others. The Sony PlayStation Portable handheld system features a 480x272 widescreen display and plays a variety of media in UMD (Universal Media Disc) or Memory Stick format. An upgrade can be performed by removing the hard drive and replacing it with a larger capacity drive.
However, if you restore on a different PS3 system than the original backup you will not get any copy-protected data back, including DLC. Turn off the PS3 by touching the power button on the system front for at least two seconds. Use a screwdriver that fits snugly because the screws are extremely tight and easy to strip. Place the replacement hard disk on the PS3 system hard disk’s metal frame, and then attach using the screws (4 places).

Don’t force too much otherwise you will hear a small scratch sound (although it sounds awful to your ears, the plastic gears only have jumped from one gap to the other one).
It you take a magnify glass you will notice that both are pressed when the right plastic part is about at the middle of its run. This site presents the car entertainment system I've built for my car and explains how you can install your own system in your car. This is the seventh version of my website since 2000 and I'm sharing interesting stuff about programming (e.g. Consider that there are SSHD 2 & 3 TBs 7200s that are affordable and offer a life span of data storage. The good thing about the clones of the original PSJailbreak is that many of them added new features to the package, like PS3 Break has the option to update its kernel via a regular PC USB port, and there are improvements to the original PS3 Backup Manager making it harder for Sony PSN to detect it when you play the games online. With PS3key You know that a dedicated team is behind it with updates and continued support. For safety reasons, remove the plug for the power cord from the electrical outlet, and then detach the other cables.
This operation is pretty simple and after a few minutes of unscrewing you will see the operating unit of the PlayStation on the left side and on the right side the Blu-ray player. Start at the front of the drive (where you insert the disc) by carefully bending the cover and then remove it completely. Check if the two small switches are still responsive when the round plastic part is going over them. Then you can try to push the small rolls in order to reactivate the mechanism and the springs. These switches activate the motor that “eats” and brings the disc directly to the middle of the drive. Sometimes dust can fall over this sensor leading the console to think that there is still a cd in the drive. HTML5, Node, Actionscript for Flex & Flash, Unity, Android), new systems like Wizzmo or Swoozy, my hobbies (testing new devices, cars and designs), music reviews (new releases, soundtracks), some of my scientific publications and DIY articles. PS3 USB HDD chips can be used in combination with PS3 mod chips x3 jailbreak PSJailbreak and others.
Upgrading the HDD will not void the warranty on the console, however, you will void the warranty on the hard drive itself.
Push the small connector interface and now you will be able to separate the drive from the cable. The white plastic parts might sometimes also block the mechanism, so be sure to check if they are working correctly.

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