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Why is this number approximate?As you read this, our wines are selling off the store floor.
When pinot noir has a cranberry flavor profile it is from a cooler climate such as Oregon, Marlborough, New Zealand and Burgundy, France. From northern Italy, barbera has a much more pale color and notes of cherry and unripe raspberry.
Nebbiolo from northern Italy has very big tannins and is the grape in Barolo and Barbaresco. Primitivo is very similar to Zinfandel in many characteristics but typically is made with less alcohol. Cabernet franc from France often has stronger notes of bell pepper and black pepper than red berry fruit. Cabernet sauvignon has a wide range of fruit flavors from raspberry (in cooler climates such as Washington State) to blackberry (from hot climates such as California). Malbec can be lighter with less oak usage in the value range giving it more black cherry flavors. Dolcetto is a high acid grape that exhibits blackberry aromas and typically has very tart flavors.
This is a very tannic wine that needs about 10 years of aging to taste more of the rich black currant and blackberry flavors it has.

Learn wine by tasting it alongside 230+ pages of infographics, data visualization, and wine maps that simplify the world of wine. Join thousands of enthusiasts who subscribe to the most entertaining weekly wine newsletter online. For this guide we’ll discuss what the major Alsace grape varieties and styles of wine are as well as some history for relevance. Contrary to logic, the Bas-Rhin is actually to the north and the Haut-Rhin is in the south, but the difference is all elevation. The Grand Cru wines of Alsace usually have higher minimum alcohol levels which require much riper grapes. While Riesling and Muscat are made in a dry style in Alsace, single variety Pinot Gris and Gewurztraminer are traditionally made in a slightly sweet (off-dry) style.
There are some larger producers that distribute widely around the US including Zind-Humbrecht and Trimbach .
However, items that are in high demand will occasionally sell out before the inventory can be updated.
We try our best, but can't guarantee we'll have the wine you want in the quantity you want. Floral and peachy smells fly out of the glass and many of the wines are unctuous enough to pair nicely with savory fowl, like roast quail. These laws dictate everything from grape variety allowed to vineyard density (ie how far apart vines are from one another).

If you only try 2 wines from the region you must try a Cremant d’Alsace rose (perhaps Lucien Albrecht ) and a Riesling. We are adjacent to the main parking lot for the Metra train station, just a few blocks east of where the train tracks cross Main Street.
If you know where Williams Ski & Patio or Rick's Auto Body are located, we're on the same street; just about a few hundred yards to the south.
For example a pinot noir often has cherry flavors and a cabernet sauvignon often tastes like black currants.
We are 200 feet to the west of Ulta Cosmetics and around 200 yards southeast of the Hollywood Palms Cinema. If you are not familiar with the area, best to use GPS or some online directions because our store is a bit tricky to find!
The Alsace AOC includes white, rose and red wines (roses and reds are made with Pinot Noir).
Within this particularly large vineyard (close to 40 acres) there is also a plot of Pinot Noir, which can’t be classified as an Alsace Grand Cru AOC.

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