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No matter how hardcore or casual of a gamer you are, you always have that one system you remember that got you into gaming in the first place.
They’re actually going to start leaning back onto cartridge systems, since flash drives are faster, more dependable and cheaper than any single alternative.
The N64 was nintendos last decent system, the Wii had potential but they’ve done nothing good with it.
Good list, but I have to call into question its legitimacy if one of his favorite Xbox 360 games was Dead or Alive Xtreme 2. And besides, we all know that the true black sheep of the Nintendo family is the Virtual Boy. I’ve still got my dreamcast and despite the fact it doesn’t actually shut off (the power button has been stuck in the on position for years) it still runs great! Desperate to come out first the console was not well play tested, resulted in horrible 360’s until the slim versions. Besides a console with a high RRoD rate that hardly gives a difference experience compare to a PC, does not deserve to make any best list.
I guess the Xbox 360 is pretty good if you like to play pretty much just FPS games all the time and like actually paying to be able to play online while they bombard you with advertising. And if you like quality Burger King based games or if volleyball vacation simulations are your thing. For some people, this ends up being their favorite console ever made based on the nostalgia factor.

The Sega Dreamcast had a very short lifespan, but had some great titles and some really innovative technology.
How dare you not mention the one single MOST important video game console in the history of video games period. Also whatever direction new technology decides to go is whatever, but the fact remains, in the N-64’s day the cartridge KILLED that system, the cartridge and that fucking abortion of a controller. The SNES is a phenomenal console that would’ve gotten a #6 spot if this list was more than 5. The only thing I give them credit for is there control which fits perfectly in your hand and was a huge improvement of the old huge xbox controller.
Certainly not when u leave out a console (NES) that single handed save video games, where all Nintendo good franchise started on.
The 360 top games can be played on other platforms while most of the PS3 top games cannot be played on other platforms. I have fond memories of playing baseball on the Dreamcast with the little image of my team’s logo ^_^. Toss in some of the cool ps3 exclusives and I dunno I pick the ps3, but that’s just me. The N64 changed alot of classic titles to adapt in a 3D world (and in most cases, perfected a new style of gameplay). Used cheap tricks to lower there console price and lack of exclusives (Paying for online, buying half year exclusive from 3rd party games etc).

The libraries of those consoles are way better then the ones on the Game Boy and the Xbox 360.
No matter what the case is, we all share a love, or even disappointment, for various consoles we grow up with. I mean you had Mega Man X, Final Fantasy VI (AKA back when Final Fantasy games were good, I’m looking at you XIII), Chrono Trigger, and Link to the Past on Super Nintendo! I’ve thought about this and came up with a list for the best 5 video game consoles ever made for their time.
The Dreamcast really improved the graphic capabilities from its competitors, the N64 and the PlayStation, and was an innovative step forward towards the future of online gaming on home consoles. I cannot understand how someone could pick the N64 over the SNES, as it was better in about every way.
Not to mention that by the time the Sony came out every game developer on Earth was done with cartridge based technology, having a grand total of 100 games for a system is fun… said no one ever. They don’t evoke the same nostalgic feelings that many of you N64 owners have and nostalgia is a personal experience.

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