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Today’s Emergency Maintenance fixed a bug where rare items dropped without elemental attributes in the Chrome Dragon Emergency Quest.
PSO2 JP: Details for April 2013 UpdatePSO2 JP: A New Stage, Easter Lobby, and More on April 10th! Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
A brand new Premium Package has been announced for July 17th, 2013 which will include new promotional item codes and a mini soundtrack CD. Experience graphics unlike you’ve ever seen before on the PC version, with beautiful skin tones and clothing textures.
The character creation demo is available for PC users and can be downloaded at PSO2’s benchmark site. I just hoping SEGA will make the Tech visual effect visible again to other player with that new graphics settings, at least put a toggle button for it. I know how you feel about that anyway, i`m on that phase too for a while before i miss those glory flashy moments after the effect gone from my eyes, so that`s why i`m hoping that SEGA put a button to toggle it. It’s all bunch of post-processing, that you could already force onto your game externally.

Not to mention skin tones look washed out with the overblown contrast coupled with the sickly blue tinge.
The self-shadowing, lighting, and terrain normal mapping (note: the latter is not demonstrated very well in Tokyo) are huge improvements and not something you can simply inject with reshade. As for lighting and normal mapping I’m pretty sure vanilla game has that on maximum (5) settings.
The characters hair, outfit and other accessories now cast a shadow on the character itself in the new High shaders (it used to be only shadows on the ground), pretty sure this wasn’t in Standard shaders.
Problem is if you force AA through nvidia inspector, depending on compatibility bit new shadows can break and not display properly.
Outside of quests, in the lobby there are buttons for Gacha, Community, Mag, Counters, and Equipment. Tomorrow, Sakai will discuss more details about the Smartphone Version of PSO2 and we hope to provide better coverage about the game until then.
This demo compiles the customization features included in the Episode 4 update along with the new [Tier 6] graphics settings.
The jp page instructions translated, end with “Please specify the destination folder.

See your characters in action in a brand new benchmark cinematic where they face against the Phantoms.
I hate it in missions sometimes where the only way i know what i’m doing is my attack rotations i have memorized. If you collect a certain number of chips, a PSE burst can occur and the bonus effect rises even more. Otherwise sometimes it’s literally an explosion of colors and my screen makes me feel blind. Basically, your friend partner (NPC) can accompany you on a quest and you progress through the game by selecting chips on the screen. Along the way, you can battle enemies, find containers, and defeat the boss in the deepest area.

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