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Description1 9 2 6 F O R D M O D E L TS T R E E T R O D The street rod I have for sale represents the real meaning of rodding.
Now for a few of the modifications, its been stretched, chopped and altered in about every way known to man. The engine was replaced with a Chevrolet 350 that included an aluminum intake and 3 deuces.

That not only gave the engine the fuel is needed but also gives the car the look it deserves.
Behind the engine is a 4 speed manual transmission that shifts as smooth as the engine sounds.
This transmission, I believe is what makes this car a true rod and also sets this car apart from the rest.

As far as the rest of the vehicle, as you’ll see from the pictures the car is 100% complete with turn signals, horn, seat belts, lights, real glass, working locks, full gages, emergency brake, detachable steering wheel, and anything else you can think of including something your Lexus doesn’t offer or have, a fold out windshield.

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