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Blank blue check and check with placeholder text (check number, amount, signature etc.), get an editable PSD template.
If you have a small business, gift certificates or promotional coupons can be useful marketing tools.
This is another printable gift certificate like the one above, but with a more formal style. Each of the gift certificate templates above contains a place to record the Certificate Number. It is vital that you keep a record of the gift certificates that you issue, including the Recipient's Name, Date Issued, the Amount, Expiration Date, and the unique Certificate Number. Another technique to help discourage copying is to always print your gift certificates in color.
If you choose to print a number of blank gift certificates, you only need to edit the company information and the fine print and maybe add a logo to the template. If you are filling out pre-printed blank gift certificate by hand, use a non-washable pen (like the ones made by Uniball that you would use to write checks with). It is probably not a good idea to edit your tracking log in front of a customer, because they would be able to see the other names, amounts, and numbers on the sheet. These gift certificate templates are designed to be edited and then printed in large quantities. Hello, I am new to all of this and I was wondering how to use these frames and borders or how I would learn. Kelly, you can also print them as they are; cut them out and use them as journaling tags or photo mats. I am looking for a border for doing presentations on a video that I am making for a workshop.
Set up Direct Deposit to have your paycheck electronically transferred to your bank account(s) on pay day. As usual, your paystub information will be available on eTrac several days prior to the actual pay day. For more information on Payroll Direct Deposit, see the Direct Deposit FAQ on the USC Payroll Web Site.
To set up Disbursement Control Direct Deposit, fill out the Direct Deposit Form and submit it to the Disbursement Control Office according the the instructions on the form. The New Bank Account Information Multiple Entry Page will load where you enter your bank account information. You can enter multiple bank accounts and the percentage of how you want to distribute your paycheck. If all the information validates, you return to the Direct Deposit Update Page where your new direct deposit bank account information is now displayed.
The Summary Review Page loads showing your Direct Deposit information and the authorization statements for Direct Deposit. Follow these steps if you have Direct Deposit and want to change only the percent distributions among the existing bank accounts you have already set up for Direct Deposit. The Bank Account Edit Page loads displaying the details of the Direct Deposit for that account. You will return to the Direct Deposit Update Page where it now shows the changed percent for that account. Edit other account lines as needed so that the total Percent for all accounts comes to 100%. Follow these steps if you want to change the bank account information for your Direct Deposit. The Direct Deposit Update Page displays your current Direct Deposit setup and a section where your new Direct Deposit setup will be.
NOTE: If you are closing any bank accounts associated with your Direct Deposit, be sure to cancel your Direct Deposit before closing the bank account otherwise delays may result in making funds available to you.

If you recently submitted a request to start Direct Deposit or to replace your current Direct Deposit, your request remains on Pending status until it has been processed. Submissions to change only the percent distribution or cancel your existing Direct Deposit are effective immediately and are not placed on Pending status.
If you are starting your Direct Deposit or changing it in any way, you will see the Direct Deposit Update Page. This is your 7-digit USC Employee ID # and you use it to access all your employee and payroll records. Select this option if you already have Direct Deposit and want to change only the percent distribution of your existing plan. Select this option if you already have Direct Deposit and want to change the bank acccount(s) for your existing plan.
If applicable, this column displays an internal system code provided by the banking system indicating that the bank transit code might be overwritten by another code. This section appears on the page only if you are starting your Direct Deposit or replacing the existing plan. This page allows you to enter multiple accounts to where you want your paycheck direct deposited.
To find the Bank Routing Number for a personal checking account, look at your checking account checks. To find the Bank Routing Number for a savings account, check your savings account statement or with the bank directly. Enter a number from 1 to 100 to represent the percent amount of your pay check that will go into the account. If the account is part of your existing Direct Deposit plan, you can change only the Percent. If you change the percent for a single account, make sure to appropriately adjust your other accounts so that the total percent of all your accounts comes to 100%. If you want to change the Bank Routing Number for the Bank to which the account belongs, enter a new 9-digit routing number.
Select a number from 1 to 100 to represent the percent amount of your pay check that will go into the account. The Summary Review page allows you to review your Direct Deposit information one more time before submitting it.
The HP Compaq Presario CQ61-402SA is an entry level machine for those after basic performance and portability. WBENC Wonder Woman, I wonder how many out there actually feel slighted when the search comes up empty, and they discover they really ARE ‘Google-proof’? You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. All prices listed reflect a 3% cash discount which is not available when paying with either Visa or MasterCard. If you are looking for a Gift Certificate Template, you might not realize that you also need a way to record issued gift certificates and track when they are redeemed. The idea is to print multiple blank gift certificates and then let the customer choose what color they want. This number must be unique to prevent someone from duplicating the gift certificate and redeeming it more than once. This won't prevent the really determined criminals from making copies, but it will help prevent the casual not-so-criminally-minded individuals from making simple photocopies. You might want to consider using carbon paper or creating a quick photocopy of the gift certificate so that you have a copy for yourself that you add to the tracking log later. You can distribute different percentages of your pay to multiple accounts and change or cancel it at any time. Because we need to wait until we receive authorization from your financial institution(s), it may be several weeks before your Direct Deposit starts.

Using this option may require several weeks before it will become effective in order to receive the electronic transfer authorization from the financial institution(s).
While your request is still pending, you may change or cancel your initial Direct Deposit submission. You may still modify your current Direct Deposit setup as usual; however, if you cancelled your Direct Deposit, you will need to complete a new Direct Deposit submission.
If you have a current Direct Deposit setup, your current Direct Deposit will not be cancelled. It may take a few weeks to receive authorization from your financial institution(s) before your Direct Deposit can begin. With they option, you are creating a new Direct Deposit plan that replaces your current Direct Deposit, so authorization may take a few weeks to clear with your financial institution(s). You will see the Summary Review Page where you can review your information before making the final submission to the system. If you changed the Bank Routing Number, this field will be updated when you save this account. We do not accept personal checks and no longer offer lay-a-way simply because we want to process your order and ship immediately. In addition to the various free gift certificate templates that we offer below, you can download the Excel spreadsheet which contains a Gift Certificate Tracking Log.
Larger businesses will generally have a system for printing certificates with bar codes so that they can be scanned and tracked in their database. If you like these templates, you are welcome to link to this page from your blog or website. Setting up Direct Deposit requires several weeks to become effective as we need to notify your financial institutions and wait to receive authorization back from them to allow the electronic transfers. If you prefer to have printed payroll advice slips, you can select that option from Work Information Update. NOTE: If you are closing any bank accounts associated with your Direct Deposit, be sure to cancel your Direct Deposit with that account before closing the bank account otherwise delays may result in making funds available to you. If you do not need to change the bank account information and want to change only the percent distributions of your current Direct Deposit setup, use the Change Percentage Only option which becomes effective immediately. If you want to cancel your Direct Deposit, first follow these steps to cancel your Pending Request, then Cancel your Direct Deposit..
It has good usability and a serviceable screen, but performance could be better, as could portability. Great advice about starting a website, or at least a Linked-In profile, that will certainly get your name in lights! HP specializes in developing and manufacturing computing, storage, and networking hardware, software and services. It is an excellent alternative to those who prefer a single action pistol, but do not choose the 1911. Major product lines include personal computing devices, enterprise servers, related storage devices, as well as a diverse range of printers and other imaging products. Other product lines, including electronic test equipment and systems, medical electronic equipment, solid state components and instrumentation for chemical analysis. HP posted US $91.7 billion in annual revenue in 2006, making it the world's largest technology vendor in terms of sales. In 2007 the revenue was $104 billion, making HP the first IT company in history to report revenues exceeding $100 billion.

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